General Information[edit]

Home: Laruba
Era: 65000000 B.C.
Leaders: Laruba Chief

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Larubans were a prehistoric people that lived in secrecy in the northern woods of the main continent of the world. Distinguished from the Iokans by darker hair and a more discrete way of living, they did not participate in the war against the Reptites, instead opting to avoid conflict by hiding in the forest. While it is unknown what kinds of dwellings housed the Larubans, they did have a common meeting area within the woods. They also presumably hunted in the forest for food, though unlike the Iokans, their chiefs were not selected for strength alone. This was perhaps a byproduct of defeatist thinking, as the Larubans later revealed that they believed they were powerless against the Reptites and hid out of fear. This admittance was made after the Reptites sacked Laruba by following Ayla to the secret village. Their home burned to the ground, the Larubans relocated to the Ioka Meeting Site until Lavos impacted the planet. Afterwards, they presumably retreated to the caves with the Iokans, eventually becoming the Earthbound. It is possible, however, that judging from the resemblance of hair color between Enlightened Ones and Larubans and their similar rejection of physical labor and warfare, the Laruban people remained culturally different from the Iokans, found the Sun Stone, and eventually set up Zeal. This scenario is still somewhat unlikely due to millions of years passed between the fall of Lavos and the creation of Zeal.

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