Knights of the Square Table

General Information[edit]

Based: Guardia Castle
Era: 600 A.D.
Leaders: Cyrus, Knight Captain

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Knights of the Square Table is a military organization that served the Kingdom of Guardia in the Middle Ages around 600 A.D. Consisting of the kingdom's top warriors and military retainers, it was an elite group differentiable from regular soldiers and castle guards by high quality armor. While it is unknown how the group formed, it was led by a knight with the position of Knight Captain; the legendary Sir Cyrus once filled this role. Their headquarters lay in Guardia Castle; specifically, at the square table in the basement barracks. The Knights of the Square Table were apparently charged with important missions, to include the retrieval of an artifact from the Frog King and the botched retrieval of the Masamune that ended in Cyrus's death. As King Guardia XXI directed most army movements in the Mystic War, the Knight Captain advised him; later, after Guardia was seriously wounded, the Knight Captain took over operations. The Knights of the Square Table subsequently suffered several casualties in the defense of Zenan Bridge; the fallen among them were instantly converted by Ozzie to Decedents that fought for the Mystics. After the war ended, the Knights continued to serve the kingdom in peacetime, as they assisted Crono in extracting the Rainbow Shell from within the Giant's Claw. It is unknown what became of the group in modern times; the square table namesake still existed in the barracks in 1000 A.D., though meetings concerning festivities were the only events to take place there. Additionally, all soldiers of Guardia wore the same uniform in the modern era, hampering ability to distinguish elite from castle guards. It is likely that the elite Knights of the Square Table did survive into a modern institution, however.

Chrono Cross[edit]

It is unknown whether the Knights of the Square Table survived the Fall of Guardia or its reorganization as a formal institution.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

The "Squaretable" was an invention of the localization team for the English version of Chrono Trigger. In the Japanese game, they're simply "royal knights."




The Knights of the Square Table are seated at the bottom right.


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