Kitsunekobuta Forest

General Information[edit]

Radical Dreamers[edit]

The Kitsune Forest is referenced in the endings of each scenario; it is possibly the forest surrounding Viper Manor. Serge's grandson is beckoned there by an adventurous girl to check out some ruins. While Demiforce translated it as Kitsune Forest, the real name is Kitsunekobuta, which is akin to getting caught by a ghost or an illusion. "Kitsunekobuta" is used twice elsewhere in the game: when Kid sees the old lady in the storage room disappear, and when the protagonists return from the Colosseum in The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X.

Name Origin[edit]

Kitsune is Japanese for fox. Kitsunekobuta is an interesting word:

  • キツネ / Kitsune means fox.
  • ネコ / Neko means cat.
  • ブタ / Buta means pig.

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