Kid (Arrival of)


It is an established fact that Schala created a daughter-clone and sent it to the modern era for use in Project Kid. The resulting girl, Kid, was adopted by Lucca. However, the exact date of her arrival is in conflict, as three sources provide different dates for her entry into the world. Specifically, her age lists her as sixteen, suggesting she arrived in 1004 A.D. Meanwhile, the description of Schala's actions imply that she was sent in 1006 A.D. after Schala created the magnetic storm that resulted in Serge's healing. Lastly, Ultimania holds that Lucca found Kid in 1007 A.D. Which is correct?


The answer comes in the form of the cutscene depicting Kid in the PSX version of Chrono Trigger. It shows a baby beneath a tree; Lucca stumbles upon Kid and takes her back home. Since Kid is sixteen by 1020 A.D. and was a baby when found, she came to the modern era in 1004 A.D. by process of elimination. Ultimania's assertion is particularly stupid, since it suggests Kid somehow lived for 1-3 years before being found.

As for 1004 A.D. vs. 1006 A.D., it's always possible that Schala caused the magnetic storm in 1006 A.D., and then sent the baby Kid to 1004 A.D. Thinking fourth-dimensionally!

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