Keystone T-1

General Information[edit]

Keystone T-1 is the timeline that includes all of Crono's actions and the saving of the world up to the Time Crash.


*** by a point means that a footnote is provided at the end of the timeline.
'-' means that an event succeeds everything above it, while a series of
'*'s mean that it is unknown which event occurred before the other.
'-U-' means that this event is dated according to Ultimania, a flawed guide for
Chrono Cross written in Japan that may nonetheless have some credibility.

=>Pre-65000000 B.C.

*Nu mysteriously exist.
*Two sentient races evolve—Reptites and early humans.
*Ioka and Laruba are established; the Tyrano Lair is also built.
*Reptites begin to wage war on humans for control of the planet.
-Kino appears on Mystic Mountain.

=>65000000 B.C.

-Nu reside at the Hunting Grounds.
-The Ioka clan chiefly fights the Reptites; the Laruba clan hides.
-Crono's party warps in from 1000 A.D. to find Dreamstone.
-Crono's party meets Ayla, who throws a celebration for them.
-Crono receives Dreamstone by defeating Ayla in a drinking contest.
-The Gate key is stolen, but the team recover it at the Forest Lair.
-Reptite attacks temporarily subside.
-Crono's party warps back to 1000 A.D. to have Melchior repair the Masamune.
-Crono's party warps in from the Magus battle in 600 A.D. to Mystic Mountain.
-Laruba village is burned to the ground, and Kino is taken hostage.
-Crono's party goes to the Tyrano lair to defeat Azala and free Kino.
-Azala sees the red star and predicts the fall of Lavos.
-Lavos lands on the planet, pushing the Tyrano Lair underground.
-Either during the crash or later, a piece of Lavos known as the Frozen Flame separates from the whole.
-Lavos is named by Ayla. La means fire, Vos means big.
-Lavos burrows and begins absorbing the planet's energy.
-Crono's party warps to 12000 B.C. through a Gate thought to be created by
Lavos's impact.
-Crono's party returns from 12000 B.C. after the Prophet seals the Gate.
-Crono's party warps to 2300 A.D. to the Keeper's Dome.
-Crono's party warps in from 2300 A.D. and places the Sun Stone in Sun Keep.

=>65000000 B.C. To 3000000 B.C.

-An Ice Age sets in due to the impact of Lavos.
-Reptites die from the Ice Age; humans retreat underground.

=>3000000 B.C.

-Early humans come into contact with the Frozen Flame, sparking evolution and
giving humanity the power of magic.
-Some humans can use magic unaided by external power sources; others can use
magic with assistance, while some are wholly incapable of using magic.

=>3000000 B.C. to 12000 B.C.

-Humans discover the Sun Stone, allowing magic use by non-innates and serving
as a huge source of power.
-Zeal is created and islands are raised to the sky as dwellings for the magic
using Enlightened Ones.
-Those totally incapable of using magic stay behind as the Earthbound.
-Schala is born.
-Janus is born.
-King Zeal dies, and Queen Zeal succeeds the throne.
-The Mammon Machine is built out of Dreamstone by the Gurus, and possibly uses
the Frozen Flame to extract energy from Lavos.
-A pendant used to control the Mammon Machine and work with sealed doors is
forged by the Gurus.
-Janus hides his magic power to avoid having to work with the new machine.
-Schala is desginated controller of the Mammon Machine; if the Frozen Flame is
inside, she is possibly its Arbiter.
-Queen Zeal becomes cold and aloof.
-The Sun Stone is discontinued as Zeal's primary power source.
*Belthasar designs the Ocean Palace and Blackbird.
*Magic tabs are invented by a resident of Zeal living in Kajar.
-Dalton is placed in charge of the completion of the Ocean Palace.
-Slave labor by the Earthbound is used at the Ocean Palace.

=>12000 B.C.

*Melchior forges the Masamune from Dreamstone and his dreams.
*Melchior creates a special magic seed and gives it to a woman.
*Magus warps in from 600 A.D. and becomes a false prophet, hoping to gain
revenge on Lavos. He advises Queen Zeal that Crono's party may possibly
show up, and also tells her to get rid of the three Gurus. However,
despite them not being warped in the Ocean Palace disaster as originally
happened, they are still preserved within their timelines (Belthasar in
2300, Melchior in 1000, Gaspar in End of Time, Janus in 600 AD) due to
Time Traveler's Immunity.***
-Melchior is locked up on the Mountain of Woe.
-Magus replaces Dalton as presider over the completion of the Ocean Palace.
-Crono's party comes in from 65000000 B.C. through a Gate.
-Crono's party instructs the lady in Zeal to not burn the magic seed.
-Schala gives Janus her amulet.
-Crono's party defeats Dalton's Golem, and are imprisoned. Freed by Schala,
they are sent back to 65000000 B.C. The Gate is sealed.
-Crono's party warps in on the Epoch from 2300 A.D. and visits Algetty.
-The Mammon Machine is moved to the Ocean Palace.
-Crono's party surmounts the Mountain of Woe and frees Melchior.
-Schala visits Melchior in an attempt to flee the Ocean Palace, for it will not
work without her.
-Dalton abducts Schala and takes her to the Ocean Palace.
-To assist with their challenging the queen, Melchior gives Crono's party the
Ruby Knife, the prototype of the Masamune.
-Crono's party ventures to the Ocean Palace and plunges the Ruby Knife
into the machine, awakening Lavos in the process.
-The Prophet reveals his identity as Magus and fails to defeat Lavos.
-Crono sacrifices himself in a futile attempt to kill Lavos.
-At a frozen point in time, Crono's party from the future replaces him with a
doll and extracts him to the safety of 2300 A.D.
-Crono's party at the Ocean Palace witness his apparent death.
-Schala sends the remaining party members to safety against Magus's will.
-Schala is sucked into a vortex along with the Mammon Machine by Lavos.
-At the Darkness Beyond Time, the defeated Lavos fuses with Schala to begin
the initial stages of transformation into the Time Devourer.
-Half of Schala's mind becomes set on destroying the world, while the other
half wishes to save the universe and herself.
-The Mammon Machine is returned to the Ocean Palace.
-Lavos obliterates Zeal.
-Zeal sinks into the sea, creating a tidal wave that covers most of the low-
lying land with water.
-The Sun Palace sinks into the sea with the Sun Stone inside.
-Melchior and Janus disappear, perphaps illustrating Time Bastard.***
-The storm causing the Ice Age abates.
-Dalton, who survived the fall, musters his remaining troops on the saved
Blackbird and forcefully takes over the Earthbound village.
-Crono's party is taken prisoner on the ship.
-Dalton and his crew give the Epoch wings and lasers.
-In an effort to summon his Golem Boss, Dalton is sucked into a Gate.
-The Blackbird is accidentally destroyed by the Epoch's lases.
-Magus is found on the North Cape. He joins Crono's party after nearly dueling
with Frog.
-The Ocean Palace rises as the Black Omen, commanded by a Lavos-appeasing
Queen Zeal.
-Gates to the Lost Sanctum appear in 65000000 B.C. and 600 A.D.
-Crono's party travels to the End of Time to consult Gaspar about reviving
-Crono's party comes in from 1000 A.D. to enter the Black Omen.
-Crono's party defeats Queen Zeal, who warps the party into the Mammon Machine.
-Crono's party defeats the Mammon Machine.
-Crono's party defeats Queen Zeal a second time.
-Queen Zeal uses the Black Omen as a Gate to send the party to battle Lavos in
1999 A.D.***
-Magus arrives to search for Schala.

***Time Traveler's Immunity and Time Bastard were proposed and illustrated at
the Chrono Compendium's article, "Principles of Time and Dimensional Travel".
Find it at

***If the player loses to Lavos after fighting him through the Black Omen, the
1999 A.D. eruption bad ending plays. Lavos also always has a defeated shell
in every appearance after the party removes his shell. An easy explanation for
these phenomena is that in the cut scene that plays after Queen Zeal's defeat,
she's using the Black Omen as a blue Gate (which flashes as the Black Omen
de-materializes) and sending the party to 1999 A.D. to fight Lavos, at which
time he'd be at his strongest power.

=>12000 B.C. to 1 A.D.

-The land warms up.
-Many sealed treasure boxes from Zeal scatter throughout civilization.

=>1 A.D.

-The Kingdom of Guardia is founded.

=>1 A.D. to 590 A.D.

*The Tyrano Lair resurfaces, and is called the Giant's Claw. It houses the
Rainbow shell.
*The blue pyramid, which stores Zeal's mightiest weapons, surfaces in a forest.
*The Masamune is sealed in a cave in the Denadoro mountains.
*A beast called Yakra haunts the forest west of Guardia, and occupies a
cathedral when it is built there.
*Janus warps in from 12000 B.C. due to the ocean palace disaster. He is raised
by the Mystics and becomes a powerful mage, also taking the name Magus.
*Glenn is picked on as a child.
-Glenn becomes squire to Cyrus, head royal knight.
*War between Mystics and humans is begun by Magus to gain power necessary
to summon Lavos and avenge his sister's presumable death.

=>590 A.D.

-Queen Leene marries into the Guardia royal family.
-Cyrus and Glenn recover the Hero's Medal from the Frog King.
-Cyrus obtains the Masamune.
-Magus breaks the Masamune in a fight with Cyrus and Glenn.
-Cyrus is murdered by Magus and Ozzie; Glenn becomes Frog by Magus's spell.
-Frog buries Cyrus in the Northern Ruins of Choras.
-Cyrus haunts the ruins.

=>590 A.D. to 600 A.D.

-Zenan Bridge is destroyed.

=>600 A.D.

-King Guardia XXI reigns.
-Queen Leene is abducted in the cathedral to the west of Guardia castle by
-Crono appears in Truce Canyon from being Gated at the Millennial Fair.
-Marle is temporarily detained by the Entity in order to have Crono rescue
Leene and effectively begin his adventure to save the world.
-Lucca warps in to check on Crono's status.
-Crono, Lucca, and Frog defeat Yakra in the west cathedral and release Queen
Leene and the Chancellor.
-Marle is released upon Crono's entrance into the room in which she
-Frog departs to his Cursed Woods hideaway, having failed to protect the
-Crono, Marle and Lucca warp out to 1000 A.D.
*King Guardia is injured in battle.
*Tata obtains the Hero's Medal from Frog at a bar. He is mistaken for the great
Hero, who is prophecied to win the war.
*Tata is instructed by the king to search the Denadoro mountains for the
-Magus's troops approach the repaired Zenan bridge.
-Crono's party warps in from 1000 A.D. to take out Magus, who supposedly
created Lavos.
-Crono's party defeats Ozzie and his troops at Zenan bridge.
-The headman chief of Sandorino village pays Toma to find the Rainbow Shell in
order to make reflective armor.
-Crono's party receives the broken blade of the Masamune.
-Crono's party receives the Hero's Medal from Tata.
-Crono's party retrieves the other part of the Masamune and warps to 1000 A.D.
to find Melchior.
-Crono's party warps in from 1000 A.D. and gives the Masamune to Frog.
-Frog joins Crono's party; they leave to fight Magus.
-Crono's party defeats Flea, Slash, Ozzie, and Magus.
-Magus partly summons Lavos, causing a temporal distortion which engulfs all
present. Magus is sent to 12000 B.C. Zeal, while Crono's party are warped to
65000000 B.C. at Mystic Mountain.
-The Mystics eventually lose the war after their leader disappears.
-Crono arrives in 600 A.D. from the End of Time to save Fiona's Forest.
-Crono defeats Retinite.
-Robo decides to stay behind for the next 400 years to help plant, and a
variant of the magic seed is planted.
-Crono's party departs for 1000 A.D. to pick up Robo.
-Crono's party arrives from 1000 A.D. to defeat Ozzie, Slash, and Flea.
-After losing a second time, Ozzie, Slash, and Flea somehow warp to the Bend of
-Crono's party warps back to 1000 A.D. to check on Medina.
-Crono's party warps in from 1000 A.D. to give the mayor of Porre's ancestor
some jerky.
-Crono's party gives her the jerky, instilling kindness in every generation
up to 1000 A.D.
-Crono's party warps back to 1000 A.D. to pick up the Sun stone.
-In or around this event, Toma locates the Rainbow Shell.
-Crono's party arrives in 600 A.D. to assist Cyrus' ghost.
-Crono's party learns that tools are required. The party warps to 1000 A.D. to
obtain tools.
-Crono's party returns from 1000 A.D. with tools.
-While hiring the carpenter, Crono's party is instructed by Toma to pour soda
over his grave if he never finds the Rainbow Shell.
-The ruins are slowly repaired as Crono's party and the builders exchange the
task of repairing and exorcising the ghosts.
-Frog visits Cyrus's grave. Cyrus appears and reveals that he could not sleep
due to worry over the fate of those he left behind.
-The Masamune powers up as Masa and Mune are inspired by Frog and Cyrus.
-Crono's party warps to 1000 A.D. to pour soda on Toma's grave.
-Crono's party returns from 1000 A.D. to obtain the Rainbow Shell.
-Crono's party discover the Rainbow Shell within the Giant's Claw (Tyrano
-Crono's party removes the Rainbow Shell with the assistance of Guardia
-Crono's party leaves for 1000 A.D. to obtain the Rainbow Shell (presumably so
Melchior can process it).
-Frog returns to 600 A.D. after the adventure.

=>634 A.D.

-On March 6th, 634 A.D., Toma passes away and is buried.

=>600 A.D. To 990 A.D.

-Fiona's Forest regrows, and a shrine is erected to Robo.
-The tale of Glenn, Cyrus, and Magus is passed down through generations in
-The Rainbow Shell is stored as a national treasure until 1000 A.D.
*King Guardia supposedly wills that the Rainbow Shell shall be unveiled at the
Millennial Fair. (This may have been a forgery by 1000 A.D.'s Yakra.)
*Queen Leene composes a letter assuring Marle of the bond between her and her
father. It is placed by the Rainbow Shell.
*Yakra somehow regains control of the Chancellor line.

=>990 A.D.

-On June 24th, Taban blows off a hike with Lucca, and her mother loses the use
of her legs.
-Lucca enters June 24th through a strange Gate, probably made by the Entity.
-Lucca saves her mother.
-Lucca blanks out until July 2, upon which she returns to 1000 A.D.

=>990 A.D. to 1000 A.D.

*Queen Aliza, Marle's mother, passes away.
*Melchior warps in from 12000 B.C. after the Ocean Palace disaster.

=>1000 A.D.

-King Guardia XXXIII reigns.
-The Millennial Fair is held.
-Crono and Marle meet at the Fair.
-Marle's pendant causes Lucca's new telepod to throw her back to 600 A.D. This
is almost certainly the work of the Entity.
-Crono decides to warp back and attempt to save her.
-Lucca invents the Gate key and warps into 600 A.D. to check on Crono.
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca return. Crono is put on trial for Marle's abduction.
-Crono is put in three days solitary confinement, then execution. Lucca rescues
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca warp to 2300 A.D.
-Crono's party warps in from the End of Time, defeats a Heckran, and learns
that Magus supposedly created Lavos.
-Crono's party warps to 600 A.D. to defeat Magus.
-Crono's party warps in from 600 A.D. to have Melchior repair the Masamune.
-Crono's party warps to 65000000 B.C. to find Dreamstone.
-Crono's party warps in from 65000000 B.C. with Dreamstone for Melchior.
-Melchior repairs the Masamune.
-Crono's party returns to 600 A.D. to give the Masamune to Frog.
-Crono's party warps in from 2300 A.D. to obtain a Crono clone from Norstein
-Crono's party obtains the clone of Crono.
-Crono's party warps back to 2300 A.D. to inquire further of reviving Crono.
-Crono's party warps in to pick up Robo.
-Crono's party has a 400th year reunion campout. It is during this that the
Entity is discussed.
-Lucca enters a strange, red Gate and is warped back to 990 A.D.
-Lucca returns to the campout.
-Where Robo once was enshrined sits a magic seed.
-Crono's party goes to the blue pyramid, which opens after the pendant is used.
-A Nu gives Crono's party Belthasar's weapons or helmets, the mightiest in Zeal.
-Crono's party warps to 600 A.D. to defeat Ozzie, Slash, and Flea.
-Crono's party returns from 600 A.D. to find a happy, peaceful Medina.
-Crono's party warps to 2300 A.D. to defeat Mother Brain.
*The Sun stone, obtained by Crono's party defeating the Son of Sun, is stolen
after it is placed in Sun Keep in 65000000 B.C. by Crono's party, most likely
by a resident of Porre.
-Crono's party warps in from 65000000 B.C. to recover the Sun stone.
-Crono's party determines that the Sun stone is held by the mayor of Porre.
-Crono's party warps to 600 A.D. to give the mayor's ancestor jerky.
-Crono's party warps back to 1000 A.D. to pick up the Sun stone.
-Crono's party places the Sun stone back in the Keep, and warps to 2300 A.D. to
pick it up.
-Crono's party returns from 2300 A.D. to craft the Sun Stone.
-Lucca crafts the Wondershot, and Taban makes Sun Shades.
-After receiving the Sun Stone, Crono's party travels to 600 A.D. to assist
Cyrus' ghost.
-Crono's party arrives from 600 A.D. to obtain tools passed down in a family of
-Crono's party returns to 600 A.D.
-Crono's party warps in from 600 A.D. to pour soda on Toma's grave.
-Toma reveals that the Rainbow shell is at the Giant's Claw (Tyrano Lair).
-Crono's party returns to 600 A.D. to obtain the Rainbow shell.
-King Guardia is put on trial for supposedly selling off the Rainbow Shell.
-Crono's party arrives from 600 A.D. to receive the Rainbow shell (presumably
so Melchior can process it).
-Crono's party proves the King's innocence, and duels Yakra XIII in the
-Crono's party defeats Yakra and obtains his key to the locked Chancellor.
-Marle reconciles with her father.
-The Chancellor is released.
-Melchior crafts magic-deflecting armor from the Rainbow Shell.
-Crono's party takes the Sun stone to Melchior at the Guardia Vault.
-Melchior uses the Sun Stone and Rainbow shell to create Prism Specs and the
-Crono's party warps to 12000 B.C. to defeat the Black Omen.
-Crono's party returns after defeating Lavos in 12000 B.C.
-Lucca secretly brings Kino, Doan, and King Guardia from 600 A.D. to 1000 A.D.
-Crono is summoned to the Castle.
-The King jokingly deceives Crono about his 'kidnapping', and reveals that he
knows of Crono's mission to save the world.
-Kino, Doan, and King Guardia give Crono their thanks.
-The Moonlight Parade is held.
-Ayla and Kino depart to 65000000 B.C.
-Magus leaves for 12000 B.C. to search for Schala.
-Frog and King Guardia return to 600 A.D.
-Robo and Doan leave for 2300 A.D., a future unknown to them.
-Crono's mom and cat accidentally enter the Gate before it closes.
-King Guardia hangs Nadia's Bell.
-Taban sets off fireworks by striking the Sun Stone.
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca travel through time with the Epoch to find them.
-U-After returning, Lucca finishes her theory on Artificial Intelligence.

=>Pre-1005 A.D.

-Dalton emerges from the Dimensional Vortex and begins raising an army in

=>1005 A.D.

-Led by Dalton, the Porre army destroys Guardia.
-Dalton steals the Masamune.

=>1999 A.D.

-Crono's party arrives from the Black Omen in 12000 B.C.
-Crono's party battles Lavos and enters the shell.
-Crono's party defeats the first Lavos form.
-Lavos mutates into the best combination of collected DNA possible.
-Crono's party defeats Lavos's last form.
-The defeated Lavos somehow goes to the Darkness Beyond Time and begins
merging with Schala, who came in from the Ocean Palace.
-Crono's party returns to 1000 A.D.

=>1005 A.D. to 2300 A.D.

-The Sun Palace rises from the bottom of the sea.

=>2300 A.D.


*Mother Brain murders humans at the Geno Dome in her plan to create a
robotic nation.
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca warp in from 1000 A.D. after being chased by the
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca learn of the Day of Lavos in the Arris Dome,
which is controlled by the Guardia Family line.
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca decide to save the world from Lavos.
-A magic seed is planted in the Arris Dome.
-A man from the Arris Dome makes his way through the ruins and plants a seed
from the magic seed in the Trann dome.
-Crono, Marle, and Lucca discover Robo and repair him.
-Robo decides to help save the world; the party then warps to the End of Time.
-Belthasar finishes the Epoch ~ Wings of Time, and passes away.
-Crono's party warps in from 65000000 B.C. to access the Epoch.
-Crono's party warps back to 12000 B.C.
-Crono's party warps from the End of Time to ask Belthasar's Nu about the
Chrono Trigger.
-Crono's party warps to 1000 A.D. to retrieve a clone of Crono from Norstein
-Crono's party returns from 1000 A.D. with the clone.
-The Nu instructs Crono to climb Death Peak with the help of some Poyozo dolls.
-Crono's party switches the Nu off.
-Crono's party climbs Death Peak, fighting Lavos spawns along the way.
-The Chrono Trigger shatters on top of Death Peak.
-Crono's party is sent to the moment in which Crono died; time is frozen.
-Crono's party replaces Crono with the doll, and returns to the End of Time.
-Crono's party warps in from 1000 A.D. to defeat Mother Brain at the Geno Dome.
-Crono's partly, with Robo in the lead, defeats Mother Brain. Robo is forced to
kill his former love since she has been brainwashed by Mother Brain.
-Crono's party flies to the Sun Palace, which has surfaced, to obtain the Sun
-The Son of Sun attacks Crono's party. It is the Sun stone, resisting with its
last bit of energy.
-Crono's party defeats the Son of Sun, and obtains the Sun Stone, which has
regressed to a moon stone.
-Crono's party warps to 65000000 B.C. to recharge the Sun stone.
-Crono's party returns to 600 A.D.
-Crono's party warps in from 1000 A.D. to pick up the Sun stone.
-Crono's party warps back to 1000 A.D. to Lucca's house to craft the Sun stone.
-Robo and Doan arrive here from 1000 A.D. to find a better future.


-Belthasar arrives here and founds Chronopolis.

=>2300 A.D. to 2400 A.D.
-He completes FATE by integrating the Mother Brain design with a more powerful
-Belthasar learns that Schala is trapped within the Time Devourer, and that the
resulting being can devour time itself.
-Belthasar plans a massive chain of events so that Serge is empowered to
defeat the Time Devourer and free Schala with the Chrono Cross.
-The Prometheus circuit is covertly installed in FATE, escaping detection.
The circuit embodies Robo, who volunteered for Project Kid.
-Belthasar builds the Neo-Epoch and erects the framework for the Time Crash.
-Belthasar permanently leaves for the eleventh century to watch his plan unfold.

=>2400 A.D.

-In an experiment meant to conquer time, Chronopolis causes the Time Crash. The
full effects of this Crash are unknown.
-Lavos, awakened by Zeal in 12000 B.C., becomes aware of the temporally
exposed Chronopolis and, through the Frozen Flame, pulls it back thousands of
years in an attempt to introduce a major influence in history to corrupt Crono's

=>End of Time

-Gaspar and possibly Spekkio come in from the Ocean Palace disaster.
-Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo arrive at the End of Time from 2300 A.D. due to
the Conservation of Time theorem; the End of Time is the point of least
resistance on the timeline.
-Crono's party meets Gaspar and Spekkio.
-Spekkio bestows Crono's party with magic, unlocking their innate power.
-Crono's party warps to Medina Village, 1000 A.D., and defeats a Heckran. From
hereafter, the End of Time will be bypassed when referring to time warping.
-Crono's party warps in from 12000 B.C. to consult Gaspar about reviving
-Magus reunites with Gaspar, and recounts his life story.
-Gaspar gives Crono's party the Chrono Trigger/Time Egg.
-Crono's party warps to 2300 A.D. to inquire the Nu carrying Belthasar's memory
about the Chrono Trigger.
-Crono's party returns from 2300 A.D. and learns about events which will
empower the party.
-Crono's party departs for 600 A.D. to save Fiona's Forest.
-After the defeat of Lavos, the End of Time is supposedly shut off from other
time periods. Gaspar's fate is unknown. It may have become the Bend of Time.

From: Chronology
From: Theory (Principles of Timelines and Dimensions)