Kajar (Book within)


What is the book in Kajar referring to?

It all began aeons ago, when man's
ancestors picked up a shard of astrange red rock...

Its power, which was beyond human
comprehension, cultivated dreams...
In turn, love and hate were born...

Only time will see how it all ends.


It is most certainly referring to the Frozen Flame. While Chrono Trigger's overarching plot was a collaborative effort, Masato Kato exclusively did 12000 B.C.; since he later took over the series (in which the Frozen Flame is fully presented) it is certain that this entry refers to the mythical item. In this context, this quotation would be a record of Zeal detailing the evolution of humans from their early counterparts (think Ayla) to their current structure and brain size. The words used in Chronopolis to describe human evolution as a contradiction of love and hate also are reminiscent of the entry. However, if the Frozen Flame is not the intended item here, then Dreamstone may make a shaky substitute. The royal family of Zeal did hold Dreamstone, but it nonetheless stands that Dreamstone was not utilized as a power source until well after Zeal was established. What does qualify in this regard is the Sun Stone, which probably was the key artifact that allowed Zeal to raise its islands and establish its civilization. It was used well up until shortly before Zeal's demise, when it was relegated to the Sun Palace as the scientists opted to use the Mammon Machine for energy instead. Sadly, the Sun Stone is brownish, not red.

This quote is a little enigmatic, mainly because early humans were shown as being intelligent creatures well before the encounter with the Frozen Flame around 3000000 B.C. Ayla even remarks to the party that she had a prophetic dream. This means the passage is largely a metaphor, and can be interpreted in this light to mean that humanity's intelligence is what carried their dreams, and the advent of the Frozen Flame provided magic and intelligence.

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