Items Icon (CTP)

General Information[edit]

The items icon is a cube in the Prerelease, rather than a box reading ITEMS. Also, the color palettes for the various schemes are slightly different. The option menu is quite different at this point. Among the changes...

  • Three options are missing: "Battle Cursor Memory", "Item/Tech Cursor Memory", and "Item/Tech Descriptions". The icon for the "Menu Cursor Memory" option was also changed from a finger in the prototype, to a small menu graphic in the final.
  • The left side of the menu was narrower, and the options were arranged in a single row of seven, instead of two rows of five.
  • There is only a single "battle speed" option in the prototype, which appears to control both the messages and gauge. This was broken into two separate options in the final.
  • The background color/pattern option was moved to the top of the menu.
  • The ATB gauge could only be toggled on or off. There was no option for an alternate setup.



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Thanks to Jessica Ingmann

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