General Information[edit]

Home: Ioka
Era: 65000000 B.C.
Leaders: Ayla

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Iokans were an Early Human civilization who lived on the plains of the prehistoric content of 65000000 B.C. Their origins obscured by millions of years of prehistory, they hunted for sustenance and created a society based on strength. They were led by the strongest warrior of the entire tribe; sexism was absent, as women could serve. The Iokans lived in cozy tents and thrived off natural resources. Aside from the meat, the fangs and other remnants of animals and some plants were used as rudimentary currency. The material valued highest by the Iokans, however, was Dreamstone -- the chief had a rare and prized collection. Iokan life was not composed of peaceful hunting, however; the Iokans waged a long war against the Reptites, who vied for control of the planet's resources and wanted to establish themselves as the dominant species to inherit the world. The tribesmen of the other human establishment, Laruba, hid in the northern forests, leaving the Iokans alone to protect humanity. The Iokans were able to challenge the cunning Reptites with raw strength, though if the war had gone on past 65000000 B.C., Azala and the power of the Tyrano Lair may have wiped out humans. However, Lavos impacted the planet in this year, killing the Reptites and radically altering life for the Iokans. Humanity took to the caves, eventually becoming the Earthbound.

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