Hero's Blade

Chrono Cross[edit]

Used by: Pierre
Type: Sword
Attack: 8-11 (20%)
Hit %: +4%
Effects: Allows Pierre to use his lvl. 7 tech, SlapOfCyrus. When Pierre is also equipped with Hero's Medal and Hero's Shield, activates Hero Effect.
Materials: (Cannot be dissassembled)
Extra Damage: Demon, Soft, Zombie types

How to obtain:

(Can't be forged)

Invokes heroic powers when combined with the Hero's Shield and Medal!

Hero Effect[edit]

Attack +11
Doubled Critical Hit rate
Evade +25%
MedalSome, in addition to recovering HP, also increases Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense by 20%
SlapOfCyrus will succeed

From: Weapons (Chrono Cross)