Heir to the Masamune

The contest has ended. CyberSarkany is the heir to the Masamune! You can find a scan of the fanart he received at Fan Art.

Welcome to 'Heir to the Masamune', a contest for the new Chrono Trigger Coliseum rom hack. The creator of the coliseum made sure that the hard difficulty was a real stickler to beat. Because of the sheer difficulty and odds against the player, the Chrono Compendium is holding a competition for players of the coliseum. Fortune and glory await! Read on to find out the rules and details.


Contest Rules[edit]

The purpose of the 'Heir to the Masamune' contest is to honor the first person to beat both party and solo modes on the hard difficulty in the Chrono Trigger coliseum. This is essentially a race for that honor; we're looking for the most zealous, battle-hardy Chrono Trigger fan to come along and win at both solo and party modes on the hard difficulty before anyone else. After the title of Heir to the Masamune is awarded, the competition will remain open, as players will be ranked on a scoreboard by basis of time. This means that newcomers to the contest can even become ranked top if they beat the Heir to the Masamune's time and that of the others. Another scoreboard will be set up on basis of levels; lower level victories will be placed at the top.

The main prize is a Coliseum drawing by CuteLucca, the preeminent Chrono series fanart artist; it will be awarded in December.

The Heir to the Masamune, if he or she is a member of the Compendium forums, will also receive a special rank reflecting this status on the boards!

Rules and Entry[edit]

To enter the contest, you need to:

  • Download the Chrono Trigger Coliseum here
  • Use the ZSNES emulator, available here
  • Go to the coliseum with your intended fighters
  • Pause the game, and click 'Misc' in the emulator's upper right corner, then click 'Movie Opn'
  • Press Record, then exit back to your game
  • Open your status window at least once, and close, so we can see your levels
  • Talk to the coliseum entry man and choose Hard, Party modes
  • Once you win, stop recording the movie
  • Repeat the above steps for a solo battle this time; be sure to select a different slot to record your movie under in the 'Movie Opn' configuration screen in ZSNES
  • After winning both and having recorded movies, e-mail them (they will appear in the folder your ROM is in as *Romname*.zmv and zm#) to chronocompendium@gmail.com

These rules may also help you:

  • You can use a previously made savestate; you don't have to do another playthrough to compete
  • Levels of ** for each character and 99 MegaElixirs / Elixirs are allowed, as these are both obtainable through normal play
  • We will be able to catch obvious cheats (like mega health, more than one GreenDream, etc.) by simply watching the movie; there's no room to cheat at all here, sorry
  • This has to be a perfect run; you cannot make and load savestates at one of the intermediary battles

Heir to the Masamune[edit]


HeirToMasamune copy.jpg

Have fun, everyone! If you have any questions concerning the competition, please e-mail chronocompendium@gmail.com !

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