Giant's Claw (CTP)

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger Prerelease[edit]

Era: 600 A.D.
Music: None

The final chamber containing the Rust Tyrano is much smaller and not connected to the Rainbow Shell chamber (in the final, it has a straightforward path). The Giant's Claw may be inaccessible from the world map in the prototype, but maps for it do exist, and although there are no events whatsoever (not even chest data; chests simply don't open at all), all the exits are perfectly intact, allowing for exploration. The dungeon's assorted smaller caves were moved around for some reason, although only the upper-right (prototype)/lower-right (final) room saw much in the way of real changes, going from a dead-end treasure room in the prototype to an emergency back exit in the final. The empty room in the lower right (prototype)/upper right (final) is accessible in the prototype, but not the final.

The Tyrano Lair remnants were given a much different palette, unique to Giant's Claw, in the final. The prototype uses the same palette as the Tyrano Lair, which itself differs from the palette used in the final. The large door at the back of the throne room does not open. An extra cave entrance was present in the first large tunnel in the prototype. It leads to the Tyrano Lair teleporter maze (which inexplicably plays the Guardia Castle theme), then exits to the small empty room mentioned above. This was closed off in the final, and the teleporter maze is no longer accessible. Other minor changes to this room include a chest on the far right being replaced with a Power Tab, and the cliff near the south exit being lengthened slightly. The second large tunnel features a rope ladder in the final which was not present in the prototype, which eventually leads back to the entrance. As you have to fall into a pit in order to proceed, this is necessary in order to leave. A chest in the upper part of the room was also removed, but unlike the instance above, it was not replaced with anything.

The final area was changed significantly for the final. Originally, it was a one-screen cave containing the Rust Tyrano, while another cave present in the back that has no noticeable entrance was presumably used to house the Rainbow Shell. In the final, it was changed to a straightforward tunnel. The Rust Tyrano's red palette had also yet to be included, so it looks exactly the same as the Black Tyrano. Removing the Tyrano from the map reveals nothing behind it. The structure of the final area would suggest that a cave was supposed to appear upon its defeat.



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