General Gameplay (CTP)

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger Prerelease[edit]

  • Battle code isn't refined and battles are slightly slower and "flicker".
  • 95% of techs are unfinished.
  • You can't access the intro from the title screen by pressing L. This simply brings you to the file menu.
  • No "ATB 2.0" screen or "enter a name" notice at the Crono name entry screen.
  • Running animations don't seem to be as fast as in the final.
  • The "Era" sprite remains on the world map screen regardless of character movement.
  • You can't reequip characters not in your party in the prototype.
  • Your character never idles on the world map, even though there is sprite data for such.
  • Crono starts with Cyclone already learned.
  • The Truce Mayor doesn't seem to give you 300G.
  • Characters get this ugly blue palette when they are blinded.
  • Ayla starts at a pretty high level compared to the final (23 versus 18).
  • Wherever Robo's theme should be played, Frog's theme plays instead.
  • The game will occasionally crash if you attempt to back out of the era select menu.
  • Taking the Epoch to the End of Time will result in you getting stuck in a wall.
  • Most of the game's events are (deliberately or otherwise) locked out and sealed off, by one of five methods:
  1. NPCs block the entrance, informing you that you can't go beyond this point.
  2. The area is completely empty.
  3. Automatic blackout crash.
  4. The game resets.
  5. The game loads the Crono Name Entry screen and forces a New Game.

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