Gate Color Theory

There are several Gates and connection points in the Chrono series, and each has a different color:

  • Chrono Trigger Gates - Blue
  • Chrono Trigger Lucca Gate - Red
  • Chrono Trigger DS Lost Sanctum Distortion - Green
  • Chrono Cross Opassa Beach - Green
  • Chrono Cross Hydra Marshes - Green
  • Chrono Cross Darkness Beyond Time - Pink
  • (New Game +) Chrono Trigger Telepod Gate - Green
  • (New Game +) Chrono Trigger DS Dimensional Vortex Distortion - Purple

Timothy theorizes that the Gate color determines what the Gate does. Taking the canonical items:

  • Blue - Takes traveler through time, but not space
  • Red - Takes traveler through time and space
  • Green - Takes traveler to another dimension
  • Pink - Takes traveler to Darkness Beyond Time

One can add the New Game + items to suggest that pink/purple takes a character to disrupted or discarded timelines in general, and that the Telepod gate is also green because it grants access to Lavos's temporal field.

From: Theory (Principles of Timelines and Dimensions)