Frypan Ag47

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Used by: Leena, Macha, Orcha
Type: Kitchen Utensil
Attack: 12-16 (20%)
Hit %: +2%
Materials: 1 Carapace, 1 Fur, 1 Humour, 1 Mythril

How to obtain:

A frying pan made out of mythril silver. (A more usable piece of silverware.)

Name Origin[edit]

A "frypan" (i.e. frying pan) is a broad, shallow container used for cooking in hot fat or oil. Ag is the Elemental Symbol for silver (argentum). 47 also happens to be the Atomic Number for silver. Many of the weapons made of Mythril are also similarly named for silver (see; Silver Swallow, Silver Staff, Silver Sword, Argent Gun, Silver Axe, Silverang, Silver Shot).

From: Weapons (Chrono Cross)