Frog King

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 600 A.D.
Home Area: Guardia Forest
Level: 0
Attacks: None
Charm: None
Item Won: None


HP: 1
Attack: 1
Defense: 127
Magic: 10
Magic Defense: 50
Speed: 1
Stamina: 10

Evade: 1
Hit: 100
TP: 1
Exp: 10
Gold: 100
Absorbs: None
Resists: None
Cancels: None
Weakness: None

The Frog King appears in Frog's flashback in the Cursed Woods. He had stolen the Hero's Medal; Cyrus retrieved it from him and sent him packing. You cannot battle this enemy without modification.

Chrono Cross[edit]

The Frog King makes a cameo as Frog Prince, the first blue summon.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Japanese: カエルだい王
Translation: Great Frog King



Frog King Sprites.png


From: Monsters (Chrono Trigger)