General Information[edit]

The Chrono series is host to a number of special foods mentioned in the games.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Ioka, 65000000 B.C.[edit]
  • Rock Crash Cocktail - The Early Humans love sake and scarf it down at festivals. Ayla challenges Crono to a drinking contest for ownership of a piece of Dreamstone. Note that in the NA version, this substance was changed to Poi soup rather than the "Rock Crash" described by Ayla. The player characters get more obviously drunk in the Japanese version as well; the next day, Ayla throws up at the Forest Maze, rather than burps as the NA version suggests.

Poi Sprites.png

Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.[edit]
  • Refresh Salad - Replenishes HP
  • Power Stew - Replenishes MP
  • Hyper Kabob - Replenishes both
Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.[edit]
  • Refresh bread - Replenishes HP
  • Power roast - Replenishes MP
  • Crono special - Replenishes both

The Crono special was named after the hero.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Dragon's Tail Bar[edit]
  • Denadoro Mountain Blend
  • Galaxy Nights
  • Squid-Gut Pasta

The Denadoro Mountain Blend is a type of coffee named after the Denadoro Mts. The Galaxy Nights drink is a mellow blend of Bellflower and soda. The most expensive item is Squid-Gut Pasta, revered as a delicacy in Termina and adored by many patrons who love to eat the hearty meal; Skelly numbers among these fans.

  • Dragon's Glory
  • Viper Churros

The Dragoon's Glory is an intoxicating drink; the Overseer of the docks holds a special affinity for it. Viper Churros were iron rations for the Acacia Dragoons until becoming popular with citizens. One man describes how to make it. "First, grind down Heckran bones, add a little water from Water Dragon Isle, then wrap 'em up with Beeba skin. You then add some sugar and spices, get steaming coals from Mount Pyre and bake 'em. For the finishing touch, we even add the famed '"Dragon's Glory!"'

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