General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Innate: Green
Type: None
HP: 1800
Attack: 15
Defense: 40
Magic: 10
Magic Defense: 15
HIT%: 100
EVD%: 0
Action Points: 5
Status Effect Length: 13
Common Drop: Seed
Rare Drop: InfoScope
Common Steal: Mythril
Rare Steal: Carnivore
Gold: 8g
Doppelgang: No

FamilyTree is an unused monster found in the monster list. It appears as a giant turnip shaped plant. It uses the tech DownPour, and is grouped with four Bulbs. It's thought that the Bulbs may hang from the branches. Unfortunately, the battle script is incomplete, and so this remains a mystery.





From: Monsters (Chrono Cross)