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Chrono Cross[edit]

Fairies live on Water Dragon Isle, having come from a special tree that grew there on a crescent island in the isle's central pool. They led a whimsical lifestyle, and dressed in various colors. After the split of the dimensions, their histories varied; in Another World, they continued to live on the island even after the Water Dragon disappeared and the pools dried up. In Home World, they lived peacefully until Razzly accidentally blew away to the Hydra Marshes. She was rescued by Serge and taken back, only to find her home in ruin. The Dwarves invaded the area, claiming that the Humans had done the same to them. Serge defeated them and drove them away; Razzly's sister Rosetta survived, but the fairies attempted to cut off all human visitors after that event. Depending on game events, the island could have become totally barren after the invasion, with no survivors of any kind.

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