Extracting Cutscenes

Cutscenes found in Chrono Trigger's PSX port and Chrono Cross can be easily extracted as video files for viewing on one's computer. Please follow the steps below. Note that if you know what you're doing, you can do some other stuff with this around step 6.

1. Download PSXMC here.

2. Unzip PSXMC, and run the program. Specify the CD drive you'll be inserting your Playstation disc into.

3. In PSXMC, click File, and select Open and Analyze CD-ROM. Wait until this process finishes.

4. Several files should appear; click 'Movie Only' underneath the list.

At this point, you may preview the files and view them at will. If you wish to do so, click the Preview tab to the right of the file list. Select a file on the left, and press play underneath the viewing screen that has appeared. To continue extraction--

5. Click the Convertion tab right of the file list.

6. Select .avi as the conversion type.

7. Below it, find 'Compress Option.' To the right is a list of codecs that either exist on your computer or came with PSXMC. It is highly recommended that you use a codec to encode the video file, as ripping the cutscenes 'Full Frames (Uncompressed)' will produce extremely large files. A popular codec is XviD 1.0, available at http://www.xvid.org.

8. If you know what you're doing, you can select 'Configure codec.' Otherwise, select a frame size (x1 produces a video the exact same size as the PSX cutscene on disc) and adjust Audio settings for quality.

9. Press Start Convert. A box will appear outlining the process's progress and the destination folder of the video files.

10. After the process is complete, open the folder you selected and enjoy the movies. If they take up too much space, try selecting a lower quality rate of encoding.

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