Explore (CTP)

General Information[edit]

If you have a copy of the ROM and have attempted to play it, you've probably found that one cannot progress beyond Manoria Cathedral or access certain parts of the game. If you'd like to explore the Prerelease, there are tree ways to do so, not counting experienced ROM hacking. Note that regardless of your choice, you should have the following cheat code activated:

  • Perfect Walk Through Walls


Use the Saved Games[edit]

The demo always writes its own SRAM when the ROM is loaded, providing three saves. The first is 1000 A.D. after your return from 600 A.D., where you're accused of kidnapping Nadia. The second is set in 2300 A.D., in front of Proto Dome before you discover Robo. The third is right outside Magus's Lair.


Use the Location Offsets[edit]

The Location Offsets is a listing of two-digit numbers that can be used with the code 7E0100XX (and 7E010101 if needed) to load any area of the game. Please consult them to select a desired area; you will replace the XX in the above code with a number. Depending on whether the number falls under the first or second column on that page, you will either have to simply enter the code and reset, or enter 7E010101 as well (this enables the second column's digits). You will arrive at your desired destination; however, most maps will place Crono in the upper-left corner, beyond the walls where he cannot move. The Walk Through Walls code comes in handy here. Please use the Perfect version. Lastly, some locations naturally crash the Prerelease, or reset to the title screen; these can be fixed. The codes that rectify these locations and the WTW codes are available at Codes (CTP).


I'd like to visit the Zeal Dungeon.

1. Using Location Offsets, I find Zeal Dungeon's corresponding number to be 8E.
2. Since the number is in the first column, I load the Prerelease, enter the code 7E01008E.
3. I reset, and arrive at Zeal Dungeon.

Using the Epoch[edit]

Fortunately for gamers, the Epoch was fully functional in the Prerelease, and even had a hovercraft option (see Epoch (CTP)). It can be used to explore, though its capabilities are limited to areas that have been programmed to allow entry (for instance, you cannot visit the Zeal Dungeon this way, as it has no entrance on the world map). There are two ways to access the Epoch.

Firstly, you can use the "Chrono Trigger Savestate Editor" from Zophar.net. Make a savestate within the Prerelease on a world map, and follow the given instructions with the utility to activate the Epoch.

Secondly, you can download a ZSNES savestate with the Epoch already activated from Zophar.net.

The Epoch's hovercraft option cannot be used until a way is found to do so; additionally, the Epoch cannot yet access 12000 B.C. after the fall of Zeal, as a code to advance that storyline trigger or take the Epoch to that era has not yet been devised.

Have fun exploring, and let us know if you find something new!

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