El Nido (Location of)


Where is El Nido in relation to the continents of Zenan, Medina, and Choras?


One can speculate endlessly on its position in the seas of the Chrono world, but the true answer is that no one knows. Within the game, Guardia is referenced as a northern country, Porre as the major power of the east, and possibly Medina as the "Far East." While Medina being east and Guardia existing in the north are consistent with the layout of 1000 A.D. in Chrono Trigger, Porre's reference as being east places the El Nido islands in the sea probably between Choras and Porre. The true location is still impossible to ascertain due to the small size of El Nido compared to what is presented as the entire world in Chrono Trigger.

Thanks to Resurrected Ice for pointing out the Porre statement

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