Editing character or enemy graphics

To edit enemy graphics, you first must find them. This is an easy task.

  • Open up a headered rom in chrono tweaker. Find your NPC or Enemy. We'll use Nizbel for this example.
  • Take the Starting Sprite location number. For Nizbel that was 139.
  • Subtract 7 (because chrono tweaker counts the playable characters), and you get 132.
  • Change it to hex and you get 84.
  • Now you can just search (CTRL-F) the offsets guide for "(84) NPC" and you'll find the offset 1F4464 or you can locate the pointer yourself.
  • 242015 2422E7 PTR No No Pointers to npc and monster graphics
  • Each pointer is 3 bytes long. So take 84 times 3, and you get 18C. Add that to 242015 and you get 2421A1.
  • The pointer value is 64 44 DF, which corresponds to offset 1F4464
  • 1F4464 1F6612 GFX Yes No (84) NPC and Enemy Graphics thats Nizbel
  • So enter that in Temporal Flux and decompress it for editing with Tile Molester.

You should also edit the palette so that your new sprite is colored correctly.

  • 240000 2417B7 PAL No No "Character, NPC, Enemy palettes (12 colors each)"
  • Each palette is 2 bytes long.
  • Nizbel's pallette number in Chrono Tweaker is 186.
  • So multiply 186 times 24, and you'll get 4464, which is 1170 in hex.
  • Add that to 240000 and you'll get 241170, which is probably Nizbel's palette. Decompress it in Temporal Flux for editing.


From there, edit your sprite with Tile Molester and make sure the palette matches up in SNESPal. For instructions on using these programs, check the status menu portrait tutorial. After you are done, recompress them.


From: Tutorials (Chrono Trigger)