Drop Table Editing

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

  1. Take file 0008 from cd by using PurpleCatTools.
  2. By using a hex editor, make new file from the data starting from offset 3B4. The first hex values are 73 73 and the last ones 77 77.
  3. Use lzss.exe from utunnels_utils to decompress the drop table from the data you just got.
  4. The decompressed table in 8 bytes wide: Normal drop, rare drop, normal steal, rare steal. Each one is 2 bytes. 80 in the second byte makes the drop an element, otherwise it is an item.
  5. When your drop table is ready, compress it again with lzss.exe while using the original compressed table as the sample file.
  6. Remove the old compressed table from the file 0008 and replace it with your new one. They are of different size so you cannot just overwrite the old one.
  7. At the start of 0008 file are the locations of each table in the file. Because the new table is larger than the original one, you have to increase these values so that they match the new offsets (starting from the table AFTER the table you just edited).
  8. Now just insert 0008 back to the cd.

Thanks to F-Man

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