Doan (Appearance of)


After Lavos is defeated, the future should instantly become pretty and beautiful, and the ruined future timeline should disappear. This includes Doan, the old man who led the Arris Dome survivors. Yet Doan is brought by Lucca after Lavos is defeated to 1000 A.D. for the Moonlight Parade. How did Lucca pull this off if Doan should no longer exist in his old form?



Lucca, in a show of optimism, previously arranged for the ancestors and descendants of the Guardia line to show up at Guardia Castle. This would sadly cause a complete breakdown of history like the Guardia Line Paradox, resulting in a history absent of Marle's ancestors (meaning Guardia wouldn't even exist). The only loophole that could work is if Lucca only took Doan out of the future and gathered the other relatives only after Lavos was defeated. This is quite a stretch, unfortunately.


Different Doan[edit]

The Doan we see is simply the new Doan. However, this theory is flawed because Lucca wouldn't have brought him back otherwise, and Doan also notes that Crono and the team gave him hope, implying he previously did not have "hope" in the ruined future.

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