Dialogue Frames

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Chrono Cross allows a variety dialogue frames to be used, but most must be found by the player. There is no Rainbow Shell dialogue frame, contrary to popular rumor.

Arnian Wood[edit]

Arnian Wood.png

The player begins with this frame.

Cross Menu[edit]


This is the battle menu frame; it cannot be used as a dialogue frame.

Guldovian Stitch[edit]

Guldovian Stitch.png

This can only be obtained if Korcha's path was taken, and the player chased Mel when she stole Kid's elements. Take Kid to speak with her after the ordeal.

Infrared Vision[edit]

Infrared Vision.png

Search behind the dragon's skull in Fossil Valley (Home World).

Iron Plate[edit]

Iron Plate.png

This frame is available by default.

Monster Mouth[edit]

Monster Mouth.png

On the S.S. Zelbess, as a cat, talk to the cats in the kitchen by getting there via vents.

My Favorite Martian[edit]

My Favorite Martian.png

After defeating Starky, talk to the man who was afraid of him on Sky Dragon Isle (Home World).

Porre's Furnace[edit]

Porres Furnace.png

In Viper Manor (Another World), talk to the BeachBum in the hidden alcove in the library that contains the Neo Epoch.

Quill & Papyrus[edit]

Quill & Papyrus.png

Speak to Toma XIV twice after Marbule is refounded in Home World.



Examine the cart of the woman selling Elements in Arni (Home World).

Simple Lines[edit]

Simple Lines.png

This frame is available by defualt.



Feed the red octopus farthest to the right in Shadow Forest (Another World) to the Quadffid, then talk to it.

Snakes & Orbs[edit]

Snakes & Orbs.png

Defeat the Prehysteric in the lone tree on Gaea's Navel (Another World).

Tee for Three[edit]

Tee for Three.png

In Termina (Another World), search around the former cabin occupied by Dario, Glenn, and Karsh to find a hidden person. Tell him you understand. This frame cannot be obtained after Serge becomes Lynx.

Tropical Paradise[edit]

Tropical Paradise.png

Choose not to save Kid, and Macha will yield this frame.

Valencian Cloth[edit]

Valencian Cloth.png

Go to Marbule (Another World) with a party comprised of demihumans (this cannot be done with Serge) and speak to the blue person near the entrance. The only time you can get that window frame is before the Black Dragon has woken up, so before the Dragon Quests, and before Home Marbule is restored.

It is extremely important to do this as soon as you can. There are various failure points:

  • After watching Nikki's Concert, and defeating all Lagoonates in Home Marbule, after the Black Dragon has been awakened, but before actually fighting it. I couldn't get the frame; the NPC would only say that the Black Dragon is awake.
  • After watching Nikki's Concert, and defeating all Lagoonates in Home Marbule, after the Black Dragon has been awakened, and after fighting it. He still doesn't give the frame; he only says he can't believe you defeated the Black Dragon (or, if you enter with humans in your party, that he can't believe humans defeated the Black Dragon).

- Before visiting the S.S. Zelbess with Another Fargo in the party, and talking to Home Fargo, which triggers the entire Marbule thing. Before I did this, I could enter Another Marbule, and the blue NPC would simply say welcome and he gives you the frame as a welcome present. Still, this only applies with non-humans in your party, because if you have humans, he simply says he has nothing to say to humans. This same thing applies to after watching Nikki's Concert, the only important variable is that you can't defeat all the Lagoonates in Home Marbule.

So, in reality, this window frame can only be obtained during the time you're in Lynx's body, before or after you trigger Nikki's concert, but before you purge Home Marbule of the Lagoonates. Once you've killed all the Lagoonates, causing the Black Dragon to wake up, you can't get this anymore. After the visit to Home Fort Dragonia (or Chronopolis) the blue guy returns to his usual dialogue, but by then you also can't get it anymore since you have Serge's human body.



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