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Chrono Trigger[edit]


Chrono Trigger 25th year, effect board of dual and triple techs.


返信先: @sent4loveさん
コンテに書いてあるBG3とは、SFCではバックグランドスクリーンが3枚 16色が2枚 3色が1枚となりBG3は3色 クロノでは大技使うと背景の影が消える仕様。

The BG3 on the board means that in SFC there are 3 background screens, 2 with 16 colors and 1 with 3 colors, and BG3 is 3 colors. In Chrono, the background shadow disappears when you use a big move.

弘田佳孝 YoshitakaHirota

Chrono Trigger was a title that used a lot of the sound effects production techniques that we had experimented with in FFVI and had found to work well. I knew I had to experiment with robot voices, so I decided to use them! I was so happy when it was adopted.


Chrono Trigger was well produced by the Dream Team, but also by the competition in the field. The team's enthusiasm was such that they were willing to put in a lot of work outside of the core storyline. The enthusiasm of the team.

とくはち Type-R/書家・市川壽泉 @COCKTAiLxLive4 12/26(日)

When I was involved in the development of this work as a mere part-time worker, I had no idea that it would become a work that would be passed down to future generations. I am very proud that I was able to play a small role in the creation of this work and that I was the youngest person to be listed in the staff credits.


This is a dot drawing (reprint) of a castle wall I used to draw during my Chrono Trigger days. I was fired as fast as I could because I was so bad at...


光田康典 YasunoriMitsuda

At the time, I was working on Chrono while doing sound effects for Seiken Densetsu 2, sound effects for FFV, sound effects & engineer for Romasaga 2, and sound effects & engineer for Hanjuku Hero 2.

New Game + is an innovative idea originated by Mr. Sakaguchi.

— zerohime (@zerohime) 2012年1月26日

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2013年9月5日

The great thing about Chrono Trigger is Mr. Sakaguchi's concept. You can fight the last boss out of the blue. It's epochal, like a strong new game.

@brownie_games ○鳥プロジェクトから聖剣2に移行したのは、鳥山先生が忙しかったからではなく、当時開発中だったソニー製スーパーファミコン用CD-ROMシステム、通称「プレイステーション」の開発が頓挫したからやでぇ。
午後10:24 · 2013年8月1日

The reason why the transition from the Bird Project to Seiken 2 was not because Mr. Toriyama was busy, but because the development of a CD-ROM system for Sony's Super Nintendo Entertainment System, known as "PlayStation," which was under development at the time, was halted.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2015年7月30日

When we were working on Chrono Trigger, we decided to reproduce the situation in the game as much as possible because of his wonderful drawings, but we failed to tell him that Marle's magic was water-based, and I remember a little trouble over how to reproduce the color of the effects.

— 524@グラフィックデザイナー㌠ (@zerohime524) 2016年2月5日

By the way, I am also in charge of the Undersea Temple. I still love the workmanship of the dots for the demon vessel. It was just a background, but somehow it was promoted to a mid-boss.

— 524@グラフィックデザイナー㌠ (@zerohime524) 2016年2月5日

Since we didn't have much time, we combined various parts and made it up to look like an aerial pier. I was happy with the setting of jumping down from the Silverado, but something was missing... →continued

— 524@グラフィックデザイナー㌠ (@zerohime524) 2016年2月5日

The small one is used by registering the Silverado on the world map to the normal map. It is a doable child that will collect the party that jumped down to return to the world map well!

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2016年2月21日

Because of the large number of characters in Chrono and the possibility that all of them would appear in all events, the flow of detailed character dialogue was like the star system, with the final rewrite adjustments being made after assigning a person to be in charge of the characters. I think Mr. Kato was the demon king and Mr. Tokita was the frog. (It is possible that both were Ms. Tokita.)

— 524@グラフィックデザイナー㌠ (@zerohime524) 2016年2月19日

The "Fat Bird" (I forgot the details) that Mr. Kato had proposed was added to the "Silver Bird".

ちなみにクロノトリガーの「セーブに章タイトルを付け加え、進捗をわかりやすくする」アイデアは自分で提案しました。メニューをデザインする際、デバッグするのに「セーブ1 原始 プレイ時間:16:32」ではよくわからないのでは?と考えたので。特にクロノは目まぐるしく時を移動しますからね。
— 524@グラフィックデザイナー㌠ (@zerohime524) 2016年2月22日

By the way, I proposed the idea of "adding chapter titles to saves to make progress easier to understand" in Chrono Trigger myself. When I was designing the menu, I thought that "save 1, original, play time: 16:32" might not be clear enough for debugging. I thought it was a good idea. Especially since Chrono moves through time at a dizzying pace.

亀岡慎一 吉祥寺ブラウニーズ
クロノトリガー開発時、当時のスクウェア社内では下っ端の俺から見た感じ坂口さんが結構悪役にまわっていた感があったけれど、この記事を読むと坂口さんもいろいろと裏事情があったのねw 社内にいた人間が読んでも面白い話
In reference to interview:

When Chrono Trigger was being developed, from my perspective as a lowly employee at Square at the time, I had the impression that Mr. Sakaguchi was pretty much playing the bad guy, but reading this article, I see that he had a lot of backstory too.


Manabu Daishima, who drew the BG of the farthest reaches of time in Chrono Trigger, has passed away. That BG is what made the mysterious world of Chrono Trigger possible. Daishima always laughed quietly and listened to everyone's stories. Good job. I wish I could have seen the new project that you would have brought if you could.


Chrono Trigger, which I joined in the middle of the project. I was particular about the resolution between the Frog and the Demon King. Mainly the passion of the frog.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2017年4月21日

This is a rejected map of the ancient version that I found on the Internet. I was given the task of creating a translucent floating map made of glass, but with the SFC specifications and my skills at the time, I was completely unable to do it.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2017年4月21日

In the end, the external floating island map was done by a certain person who joined us after 6 was finished. I was allowed to do the internal maps as I wanted, so I really did as I wanted. I was also allowed to do as I pleased.

— 524(リモートワーク中) (@zerohime524) March 11, 2020

Chrono Trigger, the MARTORI project, was a very difficult and exciting development. What I learned there became the basis for what I am doing now, and I am very deeply moved by this work.

— 524(リモートワーク中) (@zerohime524) March 11, 2020

Marutori means ○ bird. Toriyama project. I see that you went from X-tori to black-tori.... Interesting.


26 years ago today was the release date of "Chrono Trigger"? I remembered it from my coworker's Facebook page (laughs). It was hard work, but fulfilling and fun.

返信先: @kuroinushaさん

I worked with a team on the Chrono background for each scene. The work I did gives the impression that the clouds in the background of the Devil's Castle exterior will be well done.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2016年2月23日

Chrono Trigger: Grand Dream

Grand Dream was one of the tentative titles for Chrono Trigger. Everyone liked it, but for various reasons it could not be the title, "The Grand Dream.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2016年2月23日

Various reasons? Back in the day, there was a white goods company called Landream. ......

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2018年7月11日

When Lavos destroys the planet in the future world, the children are released into the sea of dimensions with their last strength. The children who reach each age grow up to become heroes and fight against Lavos to avert their destiny. This was the plot of the early versions of the story.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2018年7月11日

A grand dream, a dream of hundreds of millions of years of memories that the planet sees, like a runaway before death. This is the tentative title of Chrono Trigger.

— 524 (@zerohime524) 2018年7月11日

Lavos appears in each time period in response to the children who have drifted to each time period. In order to truly destroy Lavos, it is necessary to defeat the Lavos of each era "at the same time. This was the initial setting, but it became the present form due to a variety of reasons.


[Breaking news] It turns out that my father was involved in creating logos for FF, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu, and Front Mission


A friend my dad was working with made the PE logo, so it's possible.

返信先: @minadukiakaneさん
@minadukiakane せやで。フロントミッションとFF456は父の勤めてた広告代理店がパッケージ担当やったんや

That's right. My father's advertising agency was in charge of the packaging for Front Mission and FF456.


My father does this around the packaging and advertising for Chrono Trigger and Seiken Densetsu 2, and I've been listening to him talk about it, etc._(:3"∠)_

返信先: @RIME3726さん

According to him, there was often a five-hour wait to export the data because the performance of the Macintosh at that time was one-tenth of what it is today. The process of going to an output center, not a printer, to print it out before the presentation took a tremendous amount of time, and so on.

返信先: @RIME3726さん

My father and his friend from high school combined to create the logo for Chrono Trigger and other things!

Chrono Cross[edit]


When I think of the best PS1 game, I always mention Front Mission Alternative. The fact that it was released at that time is an impressive masterpiece. There are so many great ones out there now. The Square Company was amazing at that time. I thought they were using their own proprietary tools, and I was blown away when they used SCE's Material Editor.

@shimaguniyamato クロノクロスのグラフィックが難航する中で後半で引き当てた人はそのデザイナさんでした。

The designer was the one who pulled it off in the latter half of Chrono Cross' graphic difficulties.


Since Seiken 3 is the next step in Chrono Cross, I took the opportunity to color in Kid and Tsukuyomi, which I contributed to a friend's doujinshi a while back.

CDU8 k VEAAlm-J.jpg

返信先: @nobuteruyuukiさん

I miss the time when I first encountered Yuki's drawings in Seiken 3, was so struck by his use of light, and imitated him, I can't believe he even commissioned me to draw 4! I still regret that not all of Chrono Cross was also a Yuki-san character.


Hello(^O^)/I gave up the request for Seiken 4 in tears because it was right after I got the animation job (a week later). I drew quite a few characters for Cross, but I left some of the director Mr. Kato's tasteful characters (like the star children) as they were.

本根 康之
返信先: @nobuteruyuukiさん

Thank you very much. I am honored that you remember me, even though we never had a chance to talk at the launch of the company since I joined the start-up of my current company right after finishing the Chrono Cross project. Your character illustrations were truly wonderful!

返信先: @honnesanさん

I still remember the impressive background design of Chrono Cross, with its strong contrasts and deep ocean colors, etc. (^O^)/ I even made the shading of the characters stronger than usual to match the design we were shown. It was a pity that we could not meet at the end.

Radical Dreamers[edit]

@YasunoriMitsuda 初めまして!突然の質問ですみませんが、SFCのラジカルドリーマーズの音源というかサントラはないのでしょうか??

Hello, nice to meet you! Sorry for the sudden question, but is there any soundtrack or soundtrack for Radical Dreamers for SFC? Please reply if you don't mind.

光田康典 YasunoriMitsuda
@nehitsugu 残念ながらサントラは発売されていません。しかも、スクウェアの社員だったころの曲データは一切持っていないんです。消えて無くなりました(^^;)

Unfortunately, the soundtrack has not been released. And I don't have any of the song data from when I was a Square employee. It's gone and gone.

@fufufactory こんにちは!ラジカルドリーマーズ懐かしいですね!あれは幻ですね~。私も影の王国のシナリオ読み返したいのですが資料がないんです。ゲームのお仕事はハードごと消えることもあるので寂しい思いもしますが、遊んでくださった誰かの記憶に残ればそれがなによりです。

Hello!!! I miss the Radical Dreamers! That was a vision! I would love to read back the Kingdom of Shadows scenario too, but I don't have the material. I feel sad about game work because sometimes the whole hardware disappears, but if it remains in the memory of someone who played it, that's all that matters to me.

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