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In the Dead Sea, the future that Crono averted has been brought back into existence by Serge's life somehow. The next inquiry involves how the destruction of the future is ensured; it is a fact that temporal change cannot be brought about in the Chrono series by possibility alone. This observation negates several theories that attempt to explain the future's destructions, most stating that Serge accidentally and indirectly causes something to go wrong when Crono challenges Lavos. This proves a compelling mystery that's explained by the nature of the dimensions.




Crono could not have defeated Lavos in Home World. The event which spares Serge's life also creates a plurality of dimensions from 1010 onwards. Since there is only one Crono in 1000 AD to defeat Lavos, only the future in Another World is saved.

Further Explanation

In the original timeline (Another World) Serge dies in 1010 AD, but Kid changes the past, somehow creating an alternate dimension in which Serge lives (Home World). Another World always existed; it is the original dimension, but Home World only extends from 1010 AD onwards. In 1000 AD, Crono exists in Another World. If he travels through time, he can only reach a destination within his own dimension. When Crono defeats Lavos in 1999 AD, or any other time, the battle takes place in Another World. In 1000 AD, there is only one version of Crono. If Crono lived past 1010 AD, there would be a version for each dimension, but that version did not travel through time to defeat Lavos. In Home World, no savior appears in 1999 AD to save the future. Serge caused the destruction of the world by spawning an alternate dimension which is beyond 1000 AD Crono's notice or reach. He does not undo any of Crono's actions. In Another World, the future is secure, at least until the Time Devourer arrives. There cannot be multiple Crono groups because there is only one dimension in 1000 AD!

Time Devourer Depiction[edit]


The Dead Sea does not depict the resurrection of the Lavos timeline; even worse—it shows the future if the Time Devourer is allowed to mature, yielding the frozen world seen within, where time has ceased to flow. While there are numerous minor details that would need to be explained for this theory to be consistent with other dialogue (including the overarching fact that the Time Devourer reaching maturity would presumably freeze time along all points, not just in the "future"), the concept is immediately attractive and seems to line up with the Dead Sea's architecture.

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