Cyrus (Burial of)


Why was Cyrus, who died in Zenan, buried halfway across the world by Choras, and by whom?


The answer lies with Glenn. After becoming Frog through Magus's curse, and losing the Masamune during the previous encounter, Frog most likely was deeply depressed. Wanting to hide the events, he bore Cyrus away to Choras (the possible hometown of Cyrus or Frog, based on comments in 1000 A.D.), where he interred him in the Northern Ruins. There, he left a grave with a bitter inscription on it -- "Here lies the fool who challenged Magus." While this may imply that a Mystic or someone else buried Cyrus, imagine Glenn's bitterness; he had just completed a journey with Cyrus that included the retrieval of the Hero's Medal and other adventure. However, the simple encounter with Magus broke both the legendary sword and Cyrus, shattering the hero status of the Knight Captain and denying Glenn his greatest friends. The people of Choras remarked that they saw a monster take the man and bury him in the Northern Ruins, which is consistent with Frog's new appearance. His probable mission to hide the event succeeded; the soldiers and people of the Kingdom of Guardia in 600 A.D. had no idea what became of Cyrus. This seemingly prevented what would otherwise be a huge morale killer; if you recall, the disappearance of the Mystics' hero, Magus, jeopardized their entire war effort.

The possibility also exists that Cyrus etched his own epitaph. Garai displays such an act in Chrono Cross, when he carves the names of the visiting party and notes that they are soon to die at the Isle of the Damned. Similarly, the epitaph changes after Frog makes peace with his past, though no one is clearly seen undoing the previous remarks and carving new ones.

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