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General Information[edit]

Several cutscenes were made for Chrono Trigger PSX and Chrono Cross. While the Trigger anime pieces were designed by Toei Animation Company, the Cross scenes were made primarily by Squaresoft. Chrono Trigger's can be viewed in the Extras Menu. Additionally, The Grand Flow of Time and Life Skips a Beat can be viewed with or without text.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

  • Our Planet's Dream

Our Planet's Dream depicts the characters tearing through various eras, and displays a panorama of the game's events and locations.

  • The Grand Flow of Time

The Grand Flow of Time is the ending cutscene, featuring Crono and Marle's wedding, Frog's knighting as a human, and a few other characters.

  • Life Skips a Beat

This important piece shows the Fall of Guardia and the detail of the Porre flag.

  • Robo in a Fix

Robo is repaired by Lucca in this scene at the Proto Dome.

  • Ayla Strong, Grrr!

Several Reptites are beaten up and then led away by Ayla, who bashes them with a club.

  • The Masamune!

Frog splits the Magic Cave in this cutscene, wielding the legendary Masamune.

  • Meet Magus

Meet Magus depicts Frog's approaching Magus in his lair, complete with the blue flames and evil altar.

  • Dactyl Air

Dactyl Air illustrates the journey to the Tyrano Lair, set against a fading sunset with the Red Star of Lavos able to be seen from the atmosphere.

  • Epoch Launch

The Epoch's Launch is shown here, fired up from within the Keeper's Dome.

  • A Prophecy Fulfilled

This cutscene features Crono's death, as foretold by Janus at Enhasa.

Chrono Cross[edit]

  • Chrono Cross

The opening cutscene, using the song Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time ~, is a collection of clips from the other scenes seamed together at a high pace. It begins with Schala's notes in her journal, and then transitions through action to a Chrono Cross logo. Please note that there is no other appearance of Serge in front of Zappa's house in the game's cutscenes; this was made specifically for the introduction, along with Harle's jumping up in front of the moon.

  • Chrono Cross 2

This scene depicts someone underwater looking up at the light; the Chrono Cross logo then forms.

  • Fort Dragonia

The camera circles around Fort Dragonia before Serge's dream begins.

  • Dream of Fort Dragonia

This simple dream outlines Fort Dragonia and the stabbing of Kid to take place later on.

  • Crossing Dimensions

This FMV plays when Serge first crosses the dimensions and is engulfed by a wave of water.

  • Crossing Dimensions (2)

This plays whenever Serge crosses the dimensions with his normal body form.

  • Kid at Cape Howl

Kid at Cape Howl displays the Radical Dreamer standing on a rock gazing at Serge. It plays when he first reaches the cape.

  • Viper Manor Evening

This FMV activates after the third party member decides to wait until night.

  • Dragon Tear Time Crash

Serge gazes into the Dragon Tear and sees Chronopolis engulfed by the Time Crash.

  • Panther Attack

Serge has a quick recollection of his childhood panther attack.

  • Fort Dragonia 2

This sweeping cutscene details Fort Dragonia before Serge enters, flashing scenes of Kid's stabbing.

  • Approaching the Doors

This activates when Serge approaches the doors to the ritual chamber at Fort Dragonia; he shakes his head as he remembers his dream.

  • Lynx and the Dragon Tear

Lynx and the Dragon Tear illustrates Lynx's switching bodies with Serge.

  • Lynx Stabs Kid

Dark Serge stabs Kid as Serge as Lynx helplessly watches.

  • Panther Attack 2

Serge recalls the panther attack that nearly killed him in detail.

  • Kid at Opassa

This FMV features Kid standing at Opassa Beach; she turns around to face the viewer.

  • Dead Sea Destruction

This FMV depicts the destruction of the Dead Sea, as ordered by FATE; an impressive explosion occurs.

  • Regaining the Body

Regaining the Body shows Serge recovering his old form in a sea-like environment.

  • Orphanage Fire

This FMV depicts Lucca's house ablaze; Lynx and Harle turn to face the camera at the end.

  • The Moonlight Journey

The Moonlight Journey is an FMV of Serge's ascent to Terra Tower with the anti-gravity device at night.

  • The Frozen Flame Unfurls

This depicts the Frozen Flame unfurling to Serge atop Terra Tower.

  • Frozen Flame

This scene shows the Flame appearing to explode in light as Serge approaches it.

  • Ending Scenes

These scenes show various scenes of the game juxtaposed with Schala / Kid's search for Serge in a modern environment. Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel ~ plays here.

  • End of the Tale

This cutscene shows Schala / Kid wrapping up her final, closing comments; after the book is closed, the scene zooms in to a picture of Serge and Kid in wedding clothing.

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