Crono's house

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 1000 A.D.
Music: At the Bottom of Night, Leene's Bell, Morning Sunlight, Peaceful Days
Items: 200g, Clone

Crono's abode is a two floor house, with no quarters shown for his mother. Crono resides entirely on the second floor, where he keeps a bookcase and shelves near his bed. A repository of cat food is also maintained here, as cats live in the house. The dwelling is the only one in the game to feature interactive curtains.

From Chrono Trigger Ultimania, translated by Lorenz:

24 A Must See for Top Breeders – The Mechanism Behind the Fluctuation in the Number of Cats Mini-Game

You can first get a cat by winning at “Monster Extermination” at Leene Square’s Beckrah Experiment Hut, increasing the number of cats at Chrono’s house to two. From that point on, the number of cats in Chrono’s House will fluctuate depending on the amount of cat food you have (you win more by playing the same mini-game, see Page 117). The actual method for determining this is spelled out below. If the number of cats increases, the number of cats that appear when the Silver Bird remains undamaged (lit “ShiruBa-do,” perhaps a shortening of/pun of Silver and Bird) in ending 001 “To the Other Side of Time” will also increase accordingly.

Info Box: The Process of Fluctuation in the Number of Cats

  • Every time the party enters the fountain area of Leene Square, the amount of cat food decreases by 0-3 grams. If that exhausts your cat food supply there is an approximately 4-35% chance that you will lose a cat (the greater the number of cats, the greater chance one will disappear). Provided you still have some cat food, the probability that you will gain a cat is between 0-77 percent (the less cats you have, the greater the chance that an extra one will appear).
  • After a new cat has appeared, the amount of cat food will drop between 2-200 grams (the more cats there are, the more likely it is that a large amount of food will disappear).
  • The maximum number of cats you can have is 11, the minimum is 2.



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