Chronopolis Ghost Workers (Nature of)


Several workers that appear to be gray ghosts haunt Chronopolis, talking about the Counter-Time Experiment as if it had not happened yet and also speaking of El Nido's cultivation, an event which took place after the Time Crash. Who are these ghost workers; how did they come to exist, and what is the root of the discrepancy between their memories?


Transition Theory[edit]

Ybrik Metaknight, ZeaLitY

After Chronopolis went back in time and the inhabitants were dispersed to settle El Nido, a skeleton crew was retained and somehow transitioned to ghost workers still capable of physical interaction who would be immortal and staff the facility from thereon. This included the Chronopolis Chief. However, the process was not perfect; while some ghosts retained individual consciousness, others were doomed to repeat events leading up to the Time Crash endlessly. Eventually, when FATE was destroyed by Serge, the ghosts disappeared as their power source was lost. If you count the ghosts, notice that there are enough to sufficiently man each machine; no extras are shown. FATE may have also opted for a skeleton crew to increase the El Nido population more quickly; notice that the desk before the entry to the main part of Chronopolis lacks a secretary.


The workers could not have been transformed into ghosts by the Time Crash alone, as is commonly thought. This would preempt their ability to settle El Nido; the transformation had to occur after many of the workers left.

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