Chrono Trigger Satellaview Specials

General Information[edit]

The Chrono Trigger Satellaview specials were released on July 31, 1995, and include the three works below:

Character Library[edit]

The Chrono Trigger - Character Library contains information about all the monsters and player characters of Chrono Trigger. It has unfortunately remained untranslated, though there is a possibility much of the monster data appeared in the later PSX Chrono Trigger extra that detailed monster statistics.


Jet Bike Special[edit]

The Chrono Trigger - Jet Bike Special is the race against Johnny. One can play in two modes, boost or no boost. One also can record your top three score for each playing mode and replay the trials.


Music Library[edit]

The Chrono Trigger Music Library allows players to play any song from the game. This includes Singing Mountain, but unfortunately not the full version of Frog's Theme.

It has been translated by Terminus Traduction (who also translated Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers into French). The patch is here.




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