Chrono Trigger Hardtype (Modifications)

Author: Hiro410
Download: Chrono Trigger Hardtype

From the Readme:

Basically, CT5 is a Hardtype patch for Chrono Trigger, which means that most of the enemies' stats have been hacked to make them harder to defeat. Also, the character stats have been lowered to a degree, so when you hit certain peak levels you will not be as powerful as you would be in the original version. One more thing I did to add more of a challenge to the game is remove most equipment from the characters, so your defense will not be very high at the beginning. The tradeoff is that you get more experience from battles, so you will have the chance to get to a high level early in the game.

For instance, in order to withstand the Guardian's power, you will probably need to be around level 25-30. Well, maybe not THAT high, but enough to keep you in battles for a while. I eased up the beginning a little to allow you to level up for the VERY, VERY, tough battles in the latter half of the game.

From: Modifications (Chrono Trigger)