Chrono Trigger Coliseum

Author: JP & Cory
Download: Chrono Trigger Coliseum

The Chrono Trigger Coliseum is a ROM hack for Chrono Trigger that installs a battle arena in 2300 A.D. Three ladders of monsters exist for three difficulties (easy, medium, or hard). The ladders can be ascended with either a full party or a single member from Crono's group fighting the battles; for each win, "battle points" are earned. These can be traded for high class items in the right of the coliseum. The readme explains the rest. Important points:

  • The coliseum uses the Silver Point value. To be ethical, spend all your Silver Points before playing.
  • The coliseum is not accessible until after the Factory dungeon is cleared in 2300 A.D.
  • If you use a savestate ahead of this point in the story to play the coliseum, please speak to a new NPC in the Proto Dome who stands near the entrance. This loads up the Coliseum (it had to be unloaded before this because of a technical note).
  • You must collect certain keys to access easy, medium, and hard difficulty. Toma, who resides in the Coliseum at all times, provides riddles to their location. If you honestly cannot find them, refer to the very bottom of the readme.
  • Sorry, the Programmer's Ending cannot be viewed while this hack is in effect, as it uses this ending's dialogue offset.

The Heir to the Masamune competition has ended, with CyberSarkany as the winner.

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