Chrono Cross Forging Materials Notes

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Item stats. Each record is 0x1C (28) bytes long.

  • 0x00 Appearance/material for weapons/armour; for example 00 is bone type, 05 is rainbow, 06 is Mastermune/Floral Rod...
  • 0x01 Seems unique to classes, for weapons
  • 0x02 Almost unique to weapon classes, except the Porcelain Rod
  • 0x03 Always 00 for weapons
  • 0x04 Damage
  • 0x05 Always 00 for weapons
  • 0x06 Affects hit%, but not a direct add-up effect.
  • 0x07 Determine minimum damage you do, not sure how exactly it works, but it seems like: mindamage = (1 - thisvalue/100)*maxdamage. Some weapon like dagger has a small value of 5, so a dagger usually does steady damage.
  • 0x08-0x11 unknown
  • 0x12-0x13 These 2 bytes determine special attack effects to different enemy types, check byte ae in enemy section
  • 0x14-0x1C unknown

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