Chrono Cross Enemy Battle Animation Files

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

The enemy battle animations are similar to 3760-3811 in that they're drp archives containing the same sort of files, but the internal arrangement of files can be somewhat different.

Normal non-boss enemies such as the Beach Bum, the Lagoonate, and Ketchop, have single-layer drp files: there are no nested drps, which means that all the subfiles (minst, mseq, anim, and types 10, 12, 16, and 26) will be at the top level. (Interestingly, among these three, only the Beach Bum posessed any type 16s, and the Lagoonate's file did not appear to contain a minst. All of them posessed exactly one type 26 named atk.out, just as the PC animation files do.)

Boss monsters, such as Miguel and the Earth Dragon, have a two-level structure: most subfiles remain at the top level, but all type 10s are placed inside a nested drp.

~PCs acting as enemies (Radius, the Dragoon Devas, etc.) have files that are structurally identical (and in all tested cases, bytewise-identical as well) to the files they use as ~PCs.

Note that all animation files are present on both ~CDs, even when the corresponding model is not included.

(If you're having trouble finding an enemy in the list below, try checking the location where it first appeared. Also, the files are sort-of in story order.)

Files Monsters from location...
3812-3826 Lizard Rock, Cape Howl, Fossil Valley
3827-3851 Shadow Forest and Viper Manor(Another)
3852-3869 Hydra Swamp(Another), S.S. Invincible, Water Dragon Isle
3870-3887 Mount Pyre, Fort Dragonia(Another), Temporal Vortex
3888-3908 Viper Manor(Home), Isle of the Damned, Dead Sea
3909-3930 Dragons' domains, and misc.
3931-3945 Sea of Eden, Chronopolis, Fort Dragonia(Home), El Nido Triangle
3946-3956 Terra Tower
3957-3971 Misc. (mostly bosses)

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