Chrono Cross 10th Birthday

Welcome to the Chrono Compendium's celebration bash on this day of anniversary! Chrono Cross is ten years old today, and to commemorate the event, have fun and browse all our best features and content! On this page you'll find our very coolest stuff collected and written here on the site, all provided for your enjoyment. Let's remember the good times we had playing Chrono Cross for the last ten years, and look forward to even more fun in the days ahead! It's a true dream!

Chrono Cross Timeline

  • March 11 - Chrono Trigger is released in Japan.
  • August 22 - Chrono Trigger is released to eager North American fans.
  • Radical Dreamers debuts to wrap up Schala's fate.
  • Masato Kato draws a sketch of Kid while imagining a new game.
  • April 4 - Hiromichi Tanaka states in an interview that a sequel isn't likely.
  • February 11 - Xenogears is released; Square turns its attention to a Chrono sequel and hires Tanaka and Kato.
  • The Chrono Cross team reaches 80 members at its peak, and is quality-tested by 100 others.
  • November 18 - Chrono Cross debuts in Japan to fanfare.
  • Richard Honeywood and others begin working on Chrono Cross's US release.
  • August 15 - Chrono Cross (and an accompanying music preview CD & clock) is released in the United States and exceeds sales expectations.
  • December 18 - The Chrono Cross OST, a major achievement for Mitsuda, is released.
  • Mitsuda wins the Gold Prize for the 2000 PlayStation Awards for his work on Chrono Cross.
  • December 5 - Square Enix files two trademark licenses -- Chrono Brake in Japan, Chrono Break in the United States.
  • Mitsuda releases Hopeful Weeds Vol. 003 to his fan club; it contains two songs performed on guitar.
  • April 15 - Neo Demiforce releases the English translation of Radical Dreamers.
  • July 23 - The Chrono Compendium is officially founded.
  • August 21 - Chrono Cross is re-released as a greatest hits title for the second time.
  • November 13 - Square Enix withdraws the patent for Chrono Break in the United States; the Japanese license for "Chrono Brake" still stands.
  • December - Final Fantasy Chronicles and Chrono Cross (again) are re-released as greatest hits titles.
  • January - Mitsuda announces a new arranged album of Chrono Cross works.
  • June 29 - Square re-releases the soundtrack of Chrono Cross thanks to popular demand.
  • Terminus Traduction releases a French translation of Chrono Cross.
  • November 20 - Square re-releases Chrono Trigger DS with a new tie-in ending to Chrono Cross.
  • June - The Crimson Echoes Memorial video stream goes live, depicting a playthrough of the fan game that took place between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.
  • October 28 - Chrono Traduccion releases a Spanish translation of Chrono Cross.
  • July 26 - The Chrono Brake trademark is set to expire in Japan.

The rest of history is up to you to write! Have fun, and keep on playing! If you'd like to play Chrono Cross in French, go here; for Spanish, go here! You can watch the Crimson Echoes memorial here.

Birthday Specials


Chrono Cross Arrange Sample

Since 2005, fans have been waiting for a new Chrono Cross arranged album. Mitsuda's run into difficulties and has been busy with other projects since then, but he's still making progress! Earlier this year, he posted a sample of A Narrow Space Between Dimensions on his website. A Compendiumite extracted the audio from the flash for your listening pleasure!


Chrono Cross Recollections

Over the last ten years, Chrono Cross has touched and inspired various generations of gamers. Share in their experiences by reading Chrono Cross Recollections, a chronicle of experiences had by community members!


Chrono Cross Official Art

Renowned mangaka and illustrator Nobuteru Yūki designed the characters of Chrono Cross, creating a vibrant, colorful style right at home among the beautiful landscapes of El Nido. The Compendium has collected art from both Ultimania and Missing Piece, and there are even a couple interesting pieces made before and after Chrono Cross's production. You also must download the Location Art collection on the page, featuring all the beautiful field maps. Check it out!


Character Biographies

The Chrono Compendium has established an expansive encyclopedia on the series, complete with art, quotes, stats, and biographies. Feel free to peruse the writings, and follow the Analysis and Theory links on each page to mysteries for the characters! The Frozen Flame quotes offer especially interesting insights. Check out Rate the Characters of Chrono Cross as well!


Chrono Cross Demo

Square packaged a Chrono Cross Demo with Legend of Mana to promote interest in the game. Like the Chrono Trigger Prerelease, the demo contained some beta content, such as art for characters that don't appear in the final version, and beta versions of certain textures. There's also a debug room, complete with location art! Check the page out for a fascinating look at these elements, and check out the unused location art from Yasuyuki Honne, too!

Chrono Series Scripts

What better way to celebrate than have the scripts of all three Chrono series games at your disposal? The complete text of each game has been edited, organized, and chronologically arranged in these documents. Search archives of dialogue and listings for quotes, plot information, or just for fun! Everything's here and ready to be perused by loving fans' eyes.

Chrono Cross Speedruns and Techniques

Molotov has blazed a fiery trail through Chrono Cross in record time. His latest effort went under the seven hour threshold, and he's documented all his techniques, now on the Compendium! While running through the game and understanding its mechanics, he's also come across and documented certain glitches, which you can find at Glitches (Chrono Cross).

Easter Eggs (Chrono Cross), Endings (Chrono Cross)

Chrono Cross has a few easter eggs to its credit, most notably the establishment of Radical Dreamers as a different dimension in the Chrono series continuity. The Compendium has also documented the endings of Chrono Cross, complete with ePSXe savestates so you can relive them through emulation!

Other Downloads

Rounding things out are miscellaneous downloads! Check Downloads for more.

So there...Now that you've browsed our best, what do you plan to do to celebrate? Do you have a running piece of fanfiction you're writing, or a drawing to finish? Will you bust out Chrono Cross for a totally new playthrough, or complete an old file by forging rainbow armor and challenging the Mystical Knights? Anything's possible, and I wish you well! Stay tuned in to the Compendium for Chrono series news, features, analysis, and developing community projects. I hope you've had a good time celebrating at the site; I'll see you around!

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