Characters (CTP)

General Information[edit]


Dispelling Rumors[edit]

There have been several claims of extra characters available in the Prerelease. None is true. There is no functioning eighth character slot. Though Game Genie or PAR codes can manipulate the game into simulating one, it's simply pulling data from nowhere. Rumorists have also alleged that extra frames exist for certain characters (such as running animations). There are none to be found, even for Schala. View this comparison:

Schala pre.png Schala final.png

No NPC could be used as a playable character anyhow, as their graphics are compressed. Any game that requires lots readily-available graphics that need to be animated quickly cannot have these graphics compressed, or the game suffers severe lag as the CPU must decompress the graphics on the fly. This is why the sprite sets for Crono, Marle, Lucca, and the rest of the PCs are stored raw in the ROM. Schala, Toma, and Gaspar's graphics, however, are compressed and therefore wouldn't be suitable as a playable character.

Gaspar was at one time intended to be the eighth playable character of Chrono Trigger. This plan was likely cut before the Chrono Trigger Prerelease was issued, as no extra sprites for him appear in the ROM. Toriyama's sketch demonstrates that Gaspar would have worn his Zeal robes and carried his staff in the party. The sketch, and his comment of proof, appear in the Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide.

The Overworld NPC[edit]

There is a strange sprite in the overworld sprite data.

Map sprites pre.png

It looks like a guard. JLukas analyzed this sprite and found that the game pulls it from NPC data, meaning it probably was a guard meant to block off a location. Apparently, the developers found a way to do it with landscape and scrapped the guard while implementing idle player character animations. Some may argue that this guard looks like the one from Final Fantasy 6, and that Chrono Trigger was built off that game's engine. However, the coding of each game is irreconciliably different.



Cyrus had a different standing pose.

PreCyrus (CTP).gif

Gigi and Migo[edit]

These are two characters from prehistory. Their function is unknown; it's also unknown whether they still exist in the final and were just renamed. They're found in the unpointed text in the Prerelease's ROM, and date from an even earlier version of Chrono Trigger. See Unpointed Prerelease Text Translations.


Home Area: Gobb's house

"Gobb" is a character who has his own house. Unfortunately, the house, and apparently Gobb, were both taken out of the game before its final release. He may have simply been a Mystic who owned a house also taken out of the final release; see Medina Residence (CTP). Gobb also may simply be one of the helpful Imps who live in the house which contains a Gate in the cabinet.


Lavos's eruption sprite is different.

Prerelease eruption

Modern Little Girl[edit]

Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Porre Mayor's Manor

This NPC sprite was apparently used before the final's Modern Little Girl sprite was developed. It can be found in the Porre Mayor's Manor.

Modern Little Girl (CTP).png


These objects aren't in the final or are different.

  • Chains (NPC #9D)

9D Prechains (CTP).gif

  • Washpan (NPC #6D)

6D Washpan (CTP).gif

  • Tombstone

Prerelease-Tombstone (CTP).gif

  • Trophy (NPC #66)

66 Trophy (CTP).gif

  • Zeal Teleporter

Teleporter (CTP).png

Ozzie VIII[edit]

ああ、魔王様…… なぜ400年前に

In the Prerelease, he was known as Ozzie XIII instead of Ozzie VIII.

Prehistoric Child[edit]

Species: Early Human
Home Time: 65000000 B.C.

This is the normal Prehistoric Child sprite with a palette swap.

Prehistoric Child (CTP).png


Species: Robot
Home Time: 2300 A.D.

The R-series have a pink palette swap.


Zeal Old Man[edit]

Species: Human
Home Time: 12000 B.C.
Home Area: Kajar, Zeal

This is the Zeal Old Man sprite with a palette swap; he appears in Kajar.

Zeal Sprite 1 (CTP).png
Zeal Sprite 2 (CTP).png

Queen Zeal[edit]

QueenZeal (CTP).gif

From: Chrono Trigger Prerelease
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