The Empire of Sin

Full Name: Zeal Empire

Symbolic Identity: Babylon

Zeal Empire, the pseudo-utopian dreamscape of 12,000 B.C. controlled by the malevolent Queen Zeal, is parallel to Babylon, the ancient Biblical city that was decimated because of its sins.
Babylon was a huge city that was under the influence of pagan worship. Also, the Babylonians had enslaved the Israelites, which brought down the anger and wrath of God, which destroyed the city. Similarly, Zeal is an empire that is filled to the brim with evil intentions, and which has enslaved the Earthbound Ones, who are similar to the Israelites in this case. Just as Babylon is leveled, Zeal is eventually utterly destroyed as a result of its own wicked ambitions.
It has been brought to my attention by Nina that Babylon was located high atop seven tall hills. Likewise, notice that Zeal Palace is located atop a very high series of mountains on the floating island. Thanks for this one, Nina!
It has also been brought to my attention by Nina that, when Babylon was destroyed, it sank into the ocean. Similarly, when Zeal is destroyed, it falls from the sky and sinks into the ocean.
The Antichrist is prophecized to control his/her New World Order from the area that was once Babylon. Similarly, Queen Zeal (the Antichrist) rules the entire world of 12,000 B.C. from Zeal Palace (Babylon).

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