The Deceiver

Full Name: Yakra (a.k.a. Chancellor)

Symbolic Identity: Pharisees

Yakra, the conniving beast who abducts the Chancellor of Guardia and assumes his shape is quite similar to the Pharisees of the New Testament. The Pharisees were religious leaders who despised Jesus Christ, and eventually succeeded in getting the Roman Empire to crucify him.
The Pharisees were the ones who pushed the Romans until they finally put Jesus on trial and crucified him. Similarly, Yakra is the one who calls Crono (Jesus) to trial in Guardia (Rome), in which he is sentenced to be executed regardless of what the outcome is (though he does escape).
Michael (Mad_MarchHare@Yahoo.com) has noted that the Yakra parallel indeed runs deeper than previously suspected. In the Bible, it is mentioned that Ciaphas, the head Pharisee, had decided that someone (Jesus) should die for the people before Christ was put on trial before Pilate. Similarly, note that Yakra/Chancellor has made up his mind that he will have Crono executed regardless of the trial's outcome. Even if Pierre wins the trial for Crono, Crono still recieves a light jail sentence, and Yakra still manages to disobey the Judge and order Crono executed. He has made up his mind that Crono must die no matter what.
Concerning Crono's jail sentence, Michael (Mad_MarchHare@Yahoo.com) has also noted that a parallel exists here in that Crono spends exactly three days in his cell after his trial in Guardia (Rome), and Jesus was dead for exactly three days in his tomb after his trial before Pontious Pilate (the Roman senator).
The Pharisees once held a huge bazaar in a temple of worship, which angered Jesus greatly. Jesus ran through the temple knocking things over and purging it of the Pharisees's improper market. Similarly, Yakra and his minions infest a temple near Guardia in 600 A.D., which Crono (Jesus) ends up destroying, thus purging the church of evil.
The Pharisees once called forth an angry mob to stone to death a nameless woman accused of adultery. Jesus appeared, and saved her life by showing the mob that it was wrong. Similarly, Yakra abducts one of Marle's ancestors (Marle, parallel to Mary Magdeline, the patron saint of sinful women seeking salvation may be seen as encompassing this nameless woman as well), thus threatening to terminate Marle's existence. Crono (Jesus) appears and saves Marle's ancestor from Yakra, thus saving her life.

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