Recent Additions

  • 8/27/00: Updated Atropos's page with new information contributed by War, updated Crono's page with a new Luminaire suggestion contributed by Mech Assassin, updated Azala's page with new information contributed by Regyd, created a new Christ Figure Comparison page.
  • 8/23/00: Updated Rumors page and corrected some minor type-o's.
  • 8/2/00: Created a new page for the Laruba Tribe with information contributed by Dark Magus, and added a link to this page on Ayla's page.
  • 7/14/00: Updated Magus's page with a new Saul parallel from Nina, created a new page for Johnny with more information submitted by Nina, a connection between Crono's resurrection and the Christmas Tree (Crono's page) and between the Chrono Trigger/Time Egg and Crono's death (Chrono Trigger's page), all thanks to Nina.
  • 7/8/00: Updated Crono's page with a "crucifixion" parallel and a Chrono Trigger/Time Egg parallel, which has also been posted in a new page, "Chrono Trigger" under the items category as submitted by The Joiner. Also added more information on Nu's page as submitted by Jason Bray.
  • 6/24/00: Updated Zeal's page with a new parallel submitted by Nina. Also updated Rainbow's page with information concerning the Rainbow Shell and the Sun Stone submitted by The Joiner, and created a new page for the significance of the title "Chrono Trigger" thanks to information submitted by The Joiner.
  • 6/12/00: Updated Kino's page with a new Judas Iscariot parallel submitted by Rekka.
  • 6/10/00: Updated Ayla's page with a name similarity submitted by Sephiroth, and made corrections on pages for Crono, Robo, Mystics, and Rainbow thanks to Sephiroth.
  • 4/22/00: Created a new page for the Mystics' parallels to the Muslims, and the War in 600 A.D.'s parallel to the Crusades.
  • 4/21/00: Created a new logo for the website, which is displayed near the top of the main page.
  • 4/17/00: Updated Crono and Enhasa & Kajar's pages with new parallels submitted by Michael.
  • 7/24/99: Website created.

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