Name of the Game

Full Name: Chrono Trigger, Title of the Game

Symbolic Identity: Resurrection of Christ

Chrono Trigger, the title of the game discussed on this website, refers to a particular item in the story that is instrumental in the resurrection of Crono (Jesus) after his death. The material on this portion of the website was discovered and submitted by The Joiner.
The Chrono Trigger is an item created by Gaspar, Guru of Time (one of the Three Wisemen of the Bible), to bring Crono (Jesus) back from the dead. The Chrono Trigger can be seen as a symbolic representation of the whole resurrection concept, and is thus parallel to the concept of the resurrection of Jesus in the Bible. Now, knowing that, consider the fact that the resurrection of Christ is perhaps the most vital concept in Christianity, and that Chrono Trigger is actually named after Crono's (Jesus's) resurrection. Perhaps this was done to indicate the importance of that concept.

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