CTT:The Earthbound Ones

The Earthbound Ones

The Oppressed

Full Name: The Earthbound Ones

Symbolic Identity: Israelites

The Earthbound Ones, the group of individuals living in 12,000 B.C. who are confined to live in primitive, harsh, and slave-like conditions by Queen Zeal due to the fact that they cannot use magic, are quite similar to the Israelites during their oppression by both Babylon and the Antichrist throughout the Bible.
The Israelites were oppressed and enslaved by the empire of Babylon, which was eventually destroyed by God for doing this. Similarly, the Earthbound Ones are enslaved by the Zeal Empire (Babylon), which is eventually destroyed for its sins.
The Israelites are again said to be oppress by the Antichrist during Revelations and the Apocalypse. This is directly parallel to the Earthbound Ones being enslaved and oppressed by Queen Zeal (the Antichrist) during 12,000 B.C., which signifies the time of Revelations.
Expanding the Israelite parallel beyond just the Earthbound ones, the humans of 65 million B.C. also play the role of the Israelites. During the time of Moses, the Israelites were enslaved and oppressed (yet again) by Ramses II, the Pharoah of Egypt. It was Moses who led them to freedom. Similarly, notice that in 65 million B.C., the Ioka and Laruba tribes (Israelites) are terrorized and captured by Azala (Ramses II) and the Reptites. It is Ayla (Moses) who leads them to freedom.

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