The Exploited

Full Name: Princess Schala Zeal

Symbolic Identity: Mystery Babylon

Schala, the sympathetic character who is exploited and used for her unusual magical powers by her mother, Queen Zeal (the Antichrist) is strongly similar to the role of Mystery Babylon , who is a tool of the Antichrist during his/her reign.
First off, this mysterious woman is said to be in league with the Antichrist (just as Schala works along with Queen Zeal during her reign). This mysterious woman in purple is said to aid the Antichrist for a time, tempted by the Antichrist's treachery, but then will become hated by the Antichrist. The Antichrist will "Bring her to ruin, leave her naked, eat her flesh, and burn her with fire". This is just like Schala allowing Queen Zeal (the Antichrist) to use her powers for a period of time. The Antichrist thus "eats her flesh" (exploits her magical power), and "leaves her naked". Eventually, when Schala is of no more use to her mother, she is crushed just like everyone else who tried to cross Queen Zeal. Schala is therefore "brought to her ruin, and burned with fire", just like the Mystery Babylon.
Of course, notice that Schala is draped in a purple gown, just like the Mystery Babylon, the "mysterious woman in purple".

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