The Lawyer

Full Name: Pierre

Symbolic Identity: Nicodemus

Pierre, the lawyer to defends Crono during his trial in Guardia, is somewhat similar to Nicodemus, a Pharisee who took sympathy with Christ and was against bringing him to trial.
During Christ's trial, Nicodemus was the only person with any kind of political weight who stood up for Jesus while the other Pharisees wanted him executed. Similarly, Pierre is the only one to defend Crono during his trial. Notice that everyone in the crowd jeers when a juror declares, "Not guilty" and cheers when they declare, "Guilty"? Pierre seems to be the only one on Crono's side here.
Nicodemus was indeed a Pharisee. Similarly, though Pierre has nothing to do with Yakra (the main Pharisee body), they are shown to have a sort of peership through the fact that they both act as lawyers, and carry some political weight.

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