Watchers of Mankind

Full Name: Nu

Symbolic Identity: Angels of God

The Nu, the timeless species of strange, blue creatures who are strewn across time and space in Chrono Trigger are in many ways similar to the Biblical Angels of God.
I should first note that the entire Nu parallel, and all information contained in this particular section of The Great Enigma of Chrono Trigger, was discovered by Shawn Williamson (CloudSW@aol.com). He gets all due credit for the following thoughts.
During the period of 12,000 B.C., there is a Nu who is sleeping in one of Guru Gaspar's secret rooms in the Zeal Empire. In the same room, there is a book on a table behind him in which he has been writing. Upon inspection, this book reads, "All begins with Nu, and ends with Nu. This is my belief, at least for now." In the Bible, the angels act as the workers of God in constucting the world in the beginning, thus the world "begins with angels". Likewise, it shall be angels who sound the trumpets of Armageddon, heralding the end of the world. The world also "ends with angels". Further reinforcing this parallel is the fact that Nu suspiciously exist in the very beginning of the Chrono Trigger world (65 million B.C.) and at the very end (2300 A.D. and the End of Time).
In the Bible, angels are said to be watchers of mankind who do not intervene often, but lend a hand here and there. The Angels of God appear in all time eras discussed in the Bible as well. Notice than in Chrono Trigger the Nu exist across the entire time span, and tend not to play a major part in any aspect of the storyline. They just seem to be lingering around, watching the actions of mankind. Also, notice that they help Crono and his party out over the course of the game by giving them various weapons, accessories, and tabs. This is similar to angels supposedly aiding mankind in small ways here and there.
Angels are also said to be servants of God. Similarly, notice that when the Nu are not watching mankind, they are almost always serving one important character or another.
Angels are said to be shape-shifters of the highest order. Spekkio, the extremely powerful Nu who lives at the End of Time happens to be a shape-shifter himself. He changes his form as one progresses through the game, and his final, true form is that of a Nu.
In the Bible, it is said that when one dies, they will be given a new identity during the "second life" in Heaven that differs from the one of their past life. In Chrono Trigger, there appears a Nu in 65 million B.C. in the back of the Laruba Ruins who can change the name of any playable character, thus giving him or her a new identity. This Nu, however, does not appear until after the death and resurrection of Crono, thus signifying the period of the "second life".
It has been brought to my attention by Jason Bray that a further elaboration on the Nu/Second Life similarity exists. Balthasar, the Guru of Wisdom, before he dies, uploads his memories into his servant Nu so that he can exist long enough to give the Epoch to Crono and his party. Here we again have a Nu being the vehicle for a "second life".

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