CTT:Mother Brain

Mother Brain

The Techno-Tyrant

Full Name: Mother Brain

Symbolic Identity: Zeus

Mother Brain, the main computer and god of the robots in 2300 B.C., is somewhat similar to Zeus, the chief of the Greek gods.
Prometheus was a titan who sided with the gods during their battle with the other titans. In time, Prometheus came to be known as a close ally of the gods. However, Zeus forbade Prometheus to share the knowledge of the gods with humans. Prometheus, however, disobeyed Zeus and stole the Fire of Knowledge from Mt. Olympus, which he gave to the humans. This is quite similar to Robo (Prometheus) using the technology and knowledge of Mother Brain's (Zeus's) robot empire of 2300 A.D. to help his human friends (Prometheus stealing the fire of knowledge from Mt. Olympus). Mother Brain forbids that robots help humans in any way, and in fact believes in annihilating the human race altogether. This is similar to Zeus forbidding Prometheus to aid humans with fire.
Zeus, according to the Bible, was a pagan (thus untrue) god. This is similar to Mother Brain not really being a true god, but more of an extremely powerful computer that has gone out of control.
Dunno where to add it, but it sorta fits in here, too. Well, don't you think, Fire of Knowledge is very alike the Frozen Flame? (which is mentioned in Chrono Trigger, too, although not namely) That's not at all likely to be just a random coincidence. Following that trace further on would lead to Lavos = Zeus. Well, why not. Lavos = "God" of Zeal (which is evil/heathen if you give it a more religious theme), Zeus = God of Greece (which is heathen/evil if you express it more profanely). Frozen Flame = a part of Lavos. Fire of Knowledge = ~sorta~ part of Zeus. The first is lost ocassionally by Lavos, thus causing the humans to evolve from their apeish "Ayla-like" "wild" form and, in the long run, dooming Lavos. The latter is stolen by a minor god (which could be nearly called a loss), results in basically the same and, in the long run, makes the humans (according to the Greek mythology) capable of being a serious concurrence or, at least, counterweight to the Greek gods.

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