The Princess

Full Name: Princess Nadia Guardia (a.k.a. Marle)

Symbolic Identity: Mary Magdeline

Marle, the tomboy princess of Chrono Trigger is ironically similar to Mary Magdeline, the prostitute in search of salvation who beceomes a close member of Jesus's enteurage. In fact, Mary Magdeline came to be known as the companion of Christ, and his most favorite apostle. This parallel is largely based on Marle's relationship to Crono, who we know to be Jesus. While she does have a few more abstract lines of evidence that may or may not have been intended, I would say that this is more of a situation where Marle steps into Mary Magdeline's shoes from time to time, rather than her being fully parallel.
Being a prostitute, Mary Magdeline's profession was sex. While Marle is a very respectable young lady that one would never suspect of being connected to someone so seedy, there are some very subtle telltale signs. First off, Marle has a technique called, "Provoke", in which she spins around, giggles, and then spanks herself. While this is really more comical than anything, there is definitely a slight hint of sexuality here.
As mentioned in previous pages, a character's element is a window as to what their true identity is. Marle's element is water, which in Freudian dream analysis represents sex. Thus the term, "wet dream". This connects Marle further to sex, though I doubt this was intentional.
When Jesus is resurrected, Mary Magdeline is the first person he appears so. When Crono (Jesus) is resurrected atop Death Peak, Marle is the person closest to him at the time, and is the first to embrace and greet him.
Marle and Crono seem to be a bit closer to eachother than to other characters in the game. In certain ways, you get the idea that they may be attracted to one another, yet they're never really a pair. Similarly, Jesus and Mary Magdeline had a much more intimate (but not proven to be romantic) relationship than Jesus did with his other apostles.
Jesus Christ once saved the life of a woman accused of adultery who was about to be stoned to death by an angry mob, called by the Pharisees. While this woman had no name, Mary Magdeline is considered the patron saint of sinful women seeking redemption. Thus, she can be seen to encompass this woman to some extent. In Chrono Trigger, Marle's life is in danger due to the fact that Yakra (Pharisees) abducted one of her ancestors. Crono comes along and defeats Yakra, thus saving Marle's life. Just as Jesus saved the life of the sinful woman from the Pharisees.

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