The Inventor

Full Name: Lucca

Symbolic Identity: Martha of Bethany

Lucca, the gifted inventor of Chrono Trigger who happens to stumble across a time

rift while running a teleportation machine she created, is similar in many ways to Martha of Bethany. Martha was the sister of Lazarus and Mary Magdeline, and a good friend of Jesus. This parallel has a decent amount of evidence in its favor, and is not merely based on Lucca's relationship to Crono as his best friend.

Martha is noted many times for having been an extremely hard worker around her home who had an excellent work ethic. Take a look around Lucca's house, and you'll find that it's just strewn with books, machines, and tools. It's pretty obvious that Lucca works around the clock studying and building things.
Martha is also noted for being an individual who is driven by reason over faith (though she did believe that Jesus was the son of God). Lucca, as you know if you played this game, is driven by science. Science is based on reason and observation, rather than faith.
Martha was one of Jesus's best friends, and he was often a guest in her home. Lucca is Crono's (Jesus's) best friend, and from the way Taban and Lara treat Crono, you can see that he's a frequent guest in her home.
Martha and Lazarus were very close as brother and sister--much closer than Lazarus was to his other siblings. Notice that Lucca and Robo (Lazarus) immediately connect with eachother and become very close friends, almost like brother and sister. Throughout the entire game, they remain very close.
Later in her life, Martha moved to France where she became a legend for allegedly slaying a dragon with a vial of holy water. Lucca is the only supporting character present during Crono's escape from Guardia, at the end of which they battle the Dragon Tank, the only dragon-anything in the entire game.
Martha is revered for being an extremely brave and courageous woman. Well, Lucca's gung-ho bravery is proven many times through both her character and her actions. Being just a young woman, she actually storms Guardia castle alone to rescue Crono when he's imprisoned. Pretty courageous, no?

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