Current Xathael Productions

1. The Chrono Trigger Testament: Chrono Trigger is perhaps the most brilliant and extensive work of masked Biblical symbolism known to man. This website discusses the matter in great detail.

2. The Homepage of Xathael: Visit the world's most concise homepage to learn more about me, Xathael. ^_~

Non-Xathael Productions

1. Rekka's Wings of Fire Sanctuary: The homepage of my fellow RPG fanatic and good friend Rekka. After having known her for over three years, I still suspect her of being an anime cartoon character in human disguise. Lots of anime and fiction prose here.

2. PMonk's House: Suicidal Santa Claus and his dissertations on the meaninglessness of existence.

3. Honest Gamer: An up-and-coming, unbiased source for RPG reviews and information. I've done a number of reviews for this site in the past.

4. Gamefaqs: The well-known source for video game information and reviews. I've done many reviews for Gamefaqs in the past.

5. TotalRPG: A very large, popular source for reviews, previews, and news concerning RPGs. "The Chrono Trigger Testament" is advertized under their "letters" section, 8/27/00, at the bottom of the page.

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